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Curriculum Vitae, Lawrence O. Gostin, p. 10

Lane Porter & Lawrence O. Gostin, Legal Environment Surrounding the  Availability of Sterile Needles and Syringes to Injecting Drug Users: A Comparative Analysis (World Health Organization and United Nations International Narcotics Board) (1996).

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Lawrence O. Gostin & Henry Beyer, The Americans with Disabilities Act: What It Means for All Americans (Brookes Publishing Co.) (eds. 1993).

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Lawrence O. Gostin, Lane Porter & Hazel Sandomire, U.S. AIDS Litigation Project:          Objective Description of Trends in AIDS Litigation (United States Government Printing Office) (Vol. 2, 1990).

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Lawrence O. Gostin,  Civil Liberties in Conflict (Routledge, Chapman and Hall Inc.) (ed. 1988) (Forwards by Justice Brennan and Lord Scarman. Justice Brennan: "The essays in this book brilliantly shape the kinds of collisions between rights and liberties of which all should be aware." Lord Scarman: "Larry Gostin and his colleagues have produced a work of real worth. They tackle a subject which lies, and always will lie, at the heart of free societies.").

Peter Wallington, Sarah McCabe, Lawrence O. Gostin & John Alderson, The Police, Public Order & Civil Liberties: Legacies of the Miners' Strike (Routledge) (1988).

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Lawrence O. Gostin, Mental Health Services: Law and Practice (Shaw & Sons Ltd.) (1986) (annually updated).

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Lawrence O. Gostin, Elaine Rassaby, and Alan Buchan, Mental Health: Tribunal Procedure (Oyez Longman) (2d ed. 1984) (The Royal Commission on Legal Services: AThe leading textbook on the subject of representation in this country.").

Lawrence O. Gostin, Representing the Mentally Ill and Handicapped: A Guide to Mental Health Review Tribunal (Quartermaine House Ltd.) (1980).

Lawrence O. Gostin, A Human Condition Vol. 2: The Law Relating to Mentally Abnormal Offenders (MIND) (1977).

Lawrence O. Gostin, A Human Condition Vol. 1: The Mental Health Act from 1959 to 1975 (MIND) (1975) (The two volumes of A Human Condition are heavily quoted in the British     Government's Review of the Mental Health Act of 1959 (London, HMSO, 1977) and by the Governments of New Zealand and Poland in their reviews of domestic legislation. They were the subject of the British Prime Minister's speech on the Health Service (13 October 1977) and two

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