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A Better Way to Protect Ridgelines and Control Growth

“We’ve worked hard to give Pleasanton its beautiful open space. Measure QQ provides the only way to ensure the completion of our long-planned, publicly accessible greenbelt and trail system in the southeast hills. It oers us a better way to protect areas designated for community parks and trails from privatization by large-lot development. Please vote YES on QQ.”

  • Dolores Bengtson, Director of Pleasanton Parks

and Community Services 1979-1998

Please join these community leaders in supporting Measure QQ:

Five ways QQ is better 1. Public Participation

QQ requires an open, public process that maximizes citizen participation

2. Hillside Protection

QQ expands existing hillside protections and includes protections already voted in that protect the Western hills

3. Protected Ridges Identied

QQ identies all the ridges needing protection based on view lines and geological reports

4. Maximum Height for Development

QQ sets an elevation above which no development will be allowed

5. Environmental Review

QQ mandates review under the California Environmental Quality Act

Dottie Bartelson

Dale Johnson

Larry Bartelson

Justin Jones

Jan Batcheller

Kathy Jones

John Batcheller

Marsha Kernan

Ward Belding

Chris Kinzel

Cyril Bonanno

Bob Lane

Gerry Brunken

Pat Lane

Mary Ann Butler

Edward Lin

Gina Burke

Bob Maas

Frank Capilla

Chris Miller

Muriel Capilla

Jim Morgenroth

Tom Casper

Patti Morgenroth

Ken Chrisman

Janice Phalen

Pam Chrisman

Emilie Seebach

Wraijean Crane

Eric Shumacher

Chuck Deckert


Polly Dove


Toni Ferreri

Nancy Storch

Joanie Fields

John Toms

Nancy Freedom

Karen Toms

Gail Gray

Marilyn Wright

Betsy Harris

(partial list)


Open space advocates and community leaders asked the City Council to place Measure QQ on the ballot.

They wanted a hillside preservation measure that would protect Pleasanton’s opportunities to receive hundreds of acres of open space land dedications and more than $15 million worth of maintenance endowments for future parks and trails.

YES, I support Measure QQ! ® You can use my name as an endorser __________________

® I would like a lawn sign ® I want to help on the campaign


NAME ____________________________________________________________ ADDRESS __________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________ DAY PHONE______________________ EVE PHONE___________________________ EMAIL____________________________________________________________

Please cut out this coupon and return it to: Citizens for Ridgeline Protection - Yes on QQ

4560 Eull Court, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Paid for by Citizens for Ridgeline Protection — Yes on QQ, FPPC #1310128

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