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Confused about PP and QQ?

Dear Editor,

Over 5,000 Pleasanton vot- ers signed a petition to place a Measure PP, the Hillside Protection Ordinance, on the ballot. PP will Protect Pleasanton’s ridgelines and hilltops immediately (November 2008). PP has clear and simple language. It took endless hours of work plus 5,000 signers to put PP on the ballot. It only took three officials (Hosterman/Thorne/ Cook-Kallio) to put QQ on to com- pete and confuse voters. Yep, 5,000 versus three.

These three officials have voted for more houses and less hilltops, time and time again. Many of them stood at the farmers’ market and asked residents not to put PP on the ballot. I personally lost faith in them to protect our few natural resources long ago.

identified; PP was crafted with- out geotechnical information. It is important that QQ has a strategy that will place many acres of open space into public ownership, form- ing a publicly accessible southeast hills greenbelt. PP lacks a strategy; their exemption from restrictions for 10 units or less may actually encourage large estate lots, thus privatizing that open space.

Both measures address how you count residential housing units toward our housing cap. The defi- nition specified by PP results in extended stay hotels units (even some motels), and some senior assisted living units counting toward the cap. QQ offers an inclu- sive community process to clearly define an acceptable criterion for counting units.

PP is just plain bad law. Vote “yes” on QQ.

Mary Jane Caspe , Pleasanton

It is time to take hillside protection out of the “pro-growth” city leader’s and developer’s hands. We trusted them to protect our southeast hills and they let us down. They voted “yes” to Oak Grove, which if built, will remove up to 40 vertical feet off of some of our southeast ridges, and place houses along environmentally sensitive areas. Additional develop- ers are waiting in line to place more structures on top of Pleasanton’s ridges. Drive to Dublin and San Ramon to see how a pro-growth city council can take away hilltops forever. Vote “no” on the three coun- cilmembers’ QQ. Vote “yes” on PP and protect Pleasanton.

Vote for the team that will pro- tect our hillsides: Steve Brozosky, Cindy McGovern and Matt Sullivan. Don’t your kids deserve to know what a Pleasanton ridgetop looks like?

Karla Brown Co-author of Measure PP

QQ offers inclusive public process

Dear Editor,

Before you vote, take the time to read Measure QQ and Measure PP. Review who signed the measures and arguments. You will find that the open space and trail advocates who were key to saving Pleasanton Ridge, to making sure the Arroyo trails are open to the public and to ensuring that open space lands are made publicly accessible are sup- porting QQ.

This issue is so important that it must be judged on merit. QQ offers an inclusive public process; PP’s author is unknown, public input was denied. QQ is subject to full environmental review; PP is not. QQ will be crafted based on solid geotechnical information with specific ridges and hillsides

Re-elect Sullivan, McGovern

Dear Editor,

Pleasanton needs Cindy McGovern and Matt Sullivan on the City Council. Pleasanton resi- dents cannot afford to lose the only two councilmembers who encour- age and appreciate citizen partici- pation and collaboration on matters affecting the city. They consistently solicit, research, listen to and bal- ance neighborhood concerns and issues in the decisions they make. Matt Sullivan and Cindy McGovern are the only two candidates in this race, or on the current City Council, who have not been influenced by, nor allowed pressure from, special interests to affect their decisions for Pleasanton.

Matt and Cindy are the only two candidates who remain faithful to their grassroots beginnings. Their campaigns are not funded nor endorsed by the chamber BACPAC, outside political Independent Expenditure Committees or devel- opers. I don’t think it’s a coinci- dence that the chamber endorse- ment selection committee included Martin Inderbitzen, attorney for the Oak Grove/Lin/Tong development and Jim McKeehan of Signature Properties. It does, however, show just how developer participation could influence future land devel- opment discussions, committees and decisions.

Cindy McGovern and Matt Sullivan provide the balance Pleasanton needs on a city coun- cil heavily slanted towards busi- ness, special interests and develop- ers. Cindy and Matt continue to show honesty and integrity in their decisions, and have proven that there are still two councilmembers

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Hosterman for mayor; Sullivan, Pentin for council

Among the two candidates for mayor, we recommend the incumbent Mayor Jennifer Hosterman for re-election to another two-year term of office over her challenger, Steve Brozosky. In her four years as mayor, Hosterman has championed millions of dollars in fiscally-responsible improvements to the benefit of all who live here: Callippe Preserve Golf Course; Kottinger Creek and the Veterans Memorial Building and, now under way, the Firehouse Arts Center that will boost public interest in our his- toric downtown and the Alviso Adobe Community Park. Add to this her zeal for addressing and localizing issues such as global warming and alternative energy, we can be proud to have a mayor who is recognized nationally for persuading cities to make the country’s environmental concerns part of their own agenda. As a result, Pleasanton’s new General Plan, which she has worked on since her election to the City Council in 2002, contains energy, water conservation and air quality elements that are blueprints for municipal planners everywhere. She has also been more conciliatory in recent months in working cooperatively with our neighboring cities, traveling to Washington and meeting with other mayors on regional issues. This has resulted in construc- tion of a new carpool lane on eastbound Interstate 580. She also supports widening and extending El Charro Road, State Route 84 and extending Stoneridge Drive to Livermore. Her leadership in gaining council approval of Oak Grove with its 496- acres of open space was right-on, again showing her flexibility in steering Pleasanton toward buildout.

Steve Brozosky is to be commended both for his good work in the City Council from 2002-2006, when he lost in his first bid for mayor against Hosterman by only 189 votes, and for stepping up and volunteering his services on the Pleasanton school board after the death of Juanita Haugen. He’s been effective in both positions, but we prefer Hosterman.


Of all the good characteristics we like about Matt Sullivan, his absolute devotion to representative government is what we admire most. Sure, his insistence on outside mediation of seemingly unsolvable disputes (St. Clare Episcopal Church v. Valley Trails homeowners, comes to mind) sometimes delays the process, but the end result is usually positive and good for our community. A mechanical engineer, Sullivan brings the logical, well-thought-out thinking of his profession and business experience to the council. While we don’t always agree with his views, he’s consistent and rightfully seeks to build consensus with constituents. His long ser- vice on the Planning Commission gives him broader vision on the many housing, traffic and land use policies and open space preser- vation issues facing our city. Sullivan speaks his mind clearly and is the voice we need on the City Council.


A local businessman in the high-tech field of videography, Jerry Pentin has long been active in Pleasanton since moving here 17 years ago. An ex-Marine, he’s a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission and has been its chairman. He’s also a member of Pleasanton North Rotary and was named Rotarian of the Year in 2007. An advocate for open space, he supports Oak Grove and is leading the effort to bring a Sharks ice skating and hockey rink to Staples Ranch.

Our main regret in this election is that only two seats are open on the City Council. We wish there were three because we also admire the work of Councilwoman Cindy McGovern, who is completing her first four-year term and is seeking re-election. McGovern served our community for 10 years as a respected member of the school board, where she also served as president, and she has championed youth activities and facilities both there and on the council. With just two council seats to fill, we support Matt Sullivan and Jerry Pentin for election to the City Council on Nov. 4. N

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