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Students who are denied admission may have their case reviewed. To initiate an appeal, the student should send a written request to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Delta State University, Kethley 110, Cleveland, MS 38733. Requests must be made within one year of the date of the denial.

Application Procedures

To be considered for admission to the University, the applicant must submit to the Admissions Office the following:

  • 1.

    One completed copy of an application form which can be obtained from the Admissions Office. Former or current Delta State University students should submit applications ten days prior to registration; all others must submit applications forty-five days in advance.

  • 2.

    One copy of an official transcript from each institution attended. Delta State University students are not required to submit undergraduate transcripts.

  • 3.

    To be considered for admission to a degree program, the applicant must sub- mit to the Admissions Office the documents indicated above and valid copies of test scores, certifications, and other materials as outlined under admission requirements for each graduate program.

Undergraduate Enrollment for Graduate Level Courses

Undergraduate students who are within six hours of graduation may take up to nine hours of graduate course work prior to obtaining their baccalaureate degrees. Also, undergraduate students who are eligible for, but lack only directed teaching, may take up to nine hours of graduate coursework prior to obtaining their baccalaureate degrees.

To be eligible to take graduate courses, undergraduate students must have a grade point average of at least 2.75 overall and in their major field. Courses can- not be counted toward satisfying the requirements for the baccalaureate degree and must be approved by the graduate advisor, the department chair where the courses are to be taken, and the college or school dean.

International Students The deadline for international applicants is April 1.

Transcript and Certificate of Record. Submit records (transcripts) from each col- lege or university attended and certificates of degrees or diplomas received. Credentials written in a language other than English must be accompanied by a notarized or certified translation. List on the application the exact university degree(s) received. If detailed transcripts are not available, certificates must be accompanied by official statements showing the class or quality of the degrees and marks received on degree examinations, as well as the maximum number of marks obtainable. Submit copies of credentials only if they have been validated by a university administrative officer, a government official, or a notary public. Graduate applicants must show documents proving award of either a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or a graduate degree.


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