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successful completion of requirements of the graduate program. An applicant who is denied admission will be informed as to the reasons for denial and under what circumstances reapplication is advisable. It is strongly advised that an applicant consult with the departmental graduate coordinator concerning his/her qualifications for admission prior to initiating the formal application process.


Full Admission. Full admission status to the Master of Science in Natural Sciences degree program with a Biological Sciences Emphasis may be granted to an appli- cant who:

  • 1.

    Holds a baccalaureate degree from an institution fully accredited by one of the recognized accrediting agencies, and

  • 2.

    Has completed, as a minimum, coursework equivalent to general biology, general botany, and general zoology along with a minimum of one course from each of the following subdiscipline areas: taxonomy/ecology; cytol- ogy/microbiology/genetics; anatomy/developmental biology/physiology, and

  • 3.

    Has earned a minimum acceptable overall undergraduate grade point aver- age of 2.75 with a 3.00 GPA minimum on all major and other relevant coursework completed during the applicant’s last 64 undergraduate hours, and

  • 4.

    Has provided evidence of proficiency in verbal skills at a level appropriate for graduate study by achieving a satisfactory score on a departmentally- administered writing proficiency exam, and


Holds or qualifies to hold a Class A teaching certificate, or its equivalent based on a baccalaureate degree in biology. An individual who does not yet qualify for an A certificate may be admitted, but with the stipulation that the requirements of the State of Mississippi for an A certificate in biology teaching must be met before the degree will be awarded. This requirement is not subject to waiver.

A student must verify satisfaction of requirements #1-5 for full admission as described above through submission of appropriate documentation by comple- tion of the first 9 semester hours of graduate level work. A student who fails to do this will be moved to Non-degree status for the next term of enrollment and prevented from enrolling in additional coursework applicable to the degree pro- gram. Requirements must be satisfied during that term of enrollment or the stu- dent will be dropped from the program. Furthermore, the student must complete the following tasks prior to completion of the first 9 hours of major subject coursework:


Establish a graduate advisory committee, and


File a program of study approved by the advisory Department Chair, and the Dean of Arts and Sciences.



(A student who fails to complete #1 and #2 as specified will be moved to Non-degree status for the next term of enrollment and prohibited from enrolling in additional major coursework applica- ble to the degree program. Requirements must be satisfied during that term of enrollment or the student will be dropped from the program.)


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