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CRJ 591. SPECIAL TOPICS IN CORRECTIONS. Current issues and develop- ments in corrections. A graduate research project is inclusive resulting in a writ- ten composition and presentation. 1-6

CRJ 592. SPECIAL TOPICS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE. Current issues and develop- ments in criminal justice. A graduate research project is inclusive resulting in a written composition and presentation. 1-6

CRJ 630. THEORIES OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. A comprehensive study of con- temporary research, theory, and practice concerning th psychology of crime; the behavioral, emotional, and cognitive aspects of crime are examined, and the causes, classification, prediction, prevention, intervention, and treatment of crim- inal behavior are also addressed. 3

CRJ 635. RESEARCH METHODS AND STATISTICS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE. An examination of the use of descriptive and inferential statistics in the analysis of criminal justice data. Prerequisite: 3 hours of statistics. 3

CRJ 640. FORENSIC SCIENCE METHODS. A study of specific instrumental meth- ods and techniques utilized in forensic science to examine physical evidence; an examination into the processes of human identification using forensic pathology, anthropology, and other scientific methods; a review of medicolegal procedures in death investigation cases. 3

CRJ 645. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE. The application of current technologies to law enforcement, corrections, and juvenile justice field operations and to the organization and administration of criminal justice. 3

CRJ 650. ORGANIZATION AND PHILOSOPHY OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE. An analysis of the administrative and management foundations of the American criminal justice system, with emphasis upon the application of organizational

theory to criminal justice goals, structures, and processes. 3 CRJ 655. PROFESSIONAL AND INSTITUTIONAL ETHICS

. An examination of

ethical issues that confront the criminal justice practitioner; a comprehensive study of situational ethics and moral dilemmas within the criminal justice profes- sion. 3


CRJ 670. HISTORICAL ANALYSIS OF THE AMERICAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. An examination of the history, philosophy, and contemporary functions of the separate institutions which contribute to the American criminal justice sys- tem; basic concepts of crime and justice are addressed and the evolution of sub- stantive and procedural law is studied. 3

CRJ 675. SEMINAR: ISSUES IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE. This seminar will address controversial issues in Criminal Justice, including recent legal decisions reflecting upon the field. Topics will include those in the areas of law enforcement, correc- tions, juvenile justice, and courts. 3

CRJ 680. PRACTICUM IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE. Field experience with an approved agency for a minimum of 300 hours. Approval of advisor required prior to registration. 6


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