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MGT 605. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. A survey course of the techni- cal and legal aspects of human resources management and employment rela- tions. Topics include human resources planning, recruitment, selection, job design, performance evaluation, training and development, compensation, labor relations, occupational safety and health, and evaluation of personnel. 3

MGT 610. ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY. Organizational design and structure and their relationship to organizational performance; innovation and change, corporate culture.Organization examined from a multiple paradigm perspective. 3

MGT 615. RESEARCH METHODS. Study of research process to include problem formulation, information sources, research design, design of data collection forms, sampling, data collection, analysis and interpretation of data, report writ- ing and presentation of findings. 3

MGT 620. RECRUITMENT, SELECTION AND PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL. This course examines the characteristics and design of performance appraisal systems and development of effective systems for selecting, classifying and placing per- sonnel. Topics include recruitment, job analysis, job design, validation, inter- viewing, placement, the design of performance appraisal systems, the strengths and weaknesses of different appraisal systems, understanding different appraisal techniques, guidelines for effective practice of performance appraisal in organiza- tions, and program administration are covered. Legal impact on selection , place- ment, testing, appraisal, diversity, equal opportunity and affirmative action pro- grams, and reporting requirements are examined. 3

MGT 625. PRODUCTION/OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. Examination of the design, operation, and control of the operations function in business enterprises. Topics include forecasting, production planning and control, materials manage- ment, and quality control of the operations functions, applications of manage- ment science tools to analyze and control production methods and processes. 3

MGT 630. BUSINESS MODELING. Emphasis is on the use of information tech- nology and formal models in support of managerial decision making. The use of decision support by formulating and developing a decision model, evaluating the effectiveness of computerized decision model of the business environment, and performing cost/benefit analysis on a microcomputer. 3

MGT 640. MANAGING IN A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT. An analysis of the glob- al environment and its implications for managerial decision making with an emphasis on gaining an understanding of the factors that lead to changes in the pattern of world production and trade, technology, the political-legal environ- ment, exchange rates and trade policy; analyzing problems in a global sense. 3

MGT 653. SURVEY OF LABOR MANAGEMENT RELATIONS. The origin, devel- opment, and growth of unions in the private and public sectors in the U.S.; the development of current labor law; the collective bargaining process and contract administration in private and public organizations. 3

MGT 655. WAGE AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION. This course examines the theory and practice compensation management and the effect of alternative wage and salary systems on employee performance. Topics include job analysis, job evaluation, determination of wage and salary structure, different systems of pay delivery, executive compensation, and the effective administration of compensa- tion. 3


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