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CSP 640. EDUCATION OF THE EARLY CHILDHOOD DISABLED. Assessment techniques,preparation of materials and development of individualized educa- tional programsappropriate to the learning style of the preschooldisabledchild. 3

CSP 642. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT FOR THE EXCEPTIONAL CHILD WITH MULTIPLE DISABILITIES. Reading and study of children with multiple dis- abilities; assessment and instructional approaches. 3

CSP 643. ISSUES IN PROGRAMMING FOR DISABLED ADOLESCENT STU- DENTS. A study of instructional strategies, service delivery systems, transition issues, and alternative procedures in programming for adolescent students with mild/moderate disabilities. Requires a field-based practicum. 3

CSP 647. PRACTICUM IN SPECIAL EDUCATION. Supervised interaction with exceptional individuals. 3

CSP 648. PARENT-TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS IN SPECIAL EDUCA- TION. A study of parent involvement in special education with emphasis on con- ferencing, counseling and training parents/guardians to meet their child’s individ- ual needs. 3

CSP 649. WORKSHOP: EXCEPTIONAL CHILD EDUCATION SERVICES. Special workshop experiences in selected areas of exceptional child education; early education of exceptional children, organization and administration of special education. 3

CSP 660. ORGANIZATIONAL PROCEDURES FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION. Study of historical aspects, laws, court cases, organizing classrooms and pro- grams, record keeping, developing IEP’s, and discussion of the referral to place- ment process. 3

CSP 667. PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION OF THE GIFTED. Research and analysis of problems and processes related to gifted students and directed toward instruction for maximum development. 3

CSP 668. METHODS, MATERIALS, AND RESOURCES FOR TEACHING THE GIFTED. Models for education of the gifted. Curriculum and lessons based on these models. How to teach to foster creativity.Sources and evaluation of materials. Prerequisite: CSP 667 or consent of instructor. 3

CSP 669. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT IN GIFTED CHILDREN EDUCATION. Examination of the issues and problems of developing programs for gifted and tal- ented children. Activities emphasize program development skills. Prerequisite: Certification in Gifted or CSP 667, CSP 668. 3

CSP 680. EDUCATION OF THE ELEMENTARY LEVEL MILDLY/MODERATELY DISABLED STUDENT. Materials, methods, and assessment techniques for teach- ing children with mental retardation,learning disabilities,and emotionaldisabilities at the elementary level. 3

CSP 681. EDUCATION OF THE SECONDARY LEVEL MILDLY/MODERATELY DISABLED STUDENT. Identifying, diagnosing, programming, materials and methodology for teaching mildly/moderately disabled individuals at the sec- ondary level. 3

CSP 682. MILD/MODERATE DISABILITIES. A study of mild/moderate disabilities and appropriate teaching methodology. 3


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