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AED 750. ROLES AND FUNCTIONS OF THE SUPERINTENDENCY. A study of the techniques, leadership skills, and attitudes required for effective executive function. 3

AED 751. SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Local, state and federal issues in school finance with emphasis on fiscal management at the district level. 3

AED 752. SUPERINTENDENTS’ ACADEMY. Intensive preparation for individuals aspiring to the superintendency. District level administrative practices and proce- dures are examined. Students interact with noted professionals in t```he field. Admission by permission of the instructor. 3

EDL 601. FOUNDATIONS I: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP PRACTICES. Integrating the basic elements of the “Teaching and Learning”, “Organizational Effectiveness:, and “School and Community” program anchors. 3

EDL 602. FOUNDATIONS II: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP PRACTICES. Developing instructional leadership skills for analyzing effective teaching/learn- ing objectives, implementing effective school scheduling methodologies and staff development programs, and understanding the diversity issues in a multicultural school and community. 3

EDL 603. FOUNDATIONS III: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP PRACTICES. Enhancing leadership skills to include actual classroom observation techniques and teacher conferencing skills basedupon collaborative leadership behaviors. 3

EDL 620. APPLICATION OF LEADERSHIP PRACTICE I. IMPROVING TEACHING AND LEARNING. Applying leadership skills based upon collabora- tive leadership behaviors in the initial field experiences. 3

EDL 624. APPLICATION OF LEADERSHIP PRACTICES II. Integrating knowledge bases in the areas of student management services, fiscal control, facility opera- tions,business and industry,andauxiliary governmental service agencies. 3

EDL 628. APPLICATION AND LEADERSHIP PRACTICE III. Integrating knowl- edge bases and field experiences in the school functions of staffing, evaluation, and curriculum development. 3

EDL 640. ORGANIZATIONAL AND SCHOOL ISSUES I. Exploring compatible and compelling issues relating to the school and community, compliance and regulatory controls, and community involvement. 3

EDL 645. ORGANIZATIONAL AND SCHOOL ISSUES II. Integrating instruction- al, organizational, and community elements in providing for a safe school envi- ronment. 3

EDL 650. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LEADERSHIP FIELD EXPERIENCE. Supervised administrative internship for twelve weeks (full-time) in an assigned elementary school with a trained principal-mentor. 4

EDL 652. MIDDLE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP FIELD EXPERIENCE. Supervised administrative internship for twelve weeks (full-time) in an assigned middle school with a trained principal-mentor. 4

EDL 654. HIGH SCHOOL LEADERSHIP FIELD EXPERIENCE. Supervised admin- istrative internship for twelve weeks (full-time) in an assigned high school with a trained principal-mentor. 4


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