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The Report:

The written report will be graded on the following:

Style, Bibliography and Content


a) Page format: All reports need to be typewritten in paragraph form, double-spaced, with standard margins.  If headings are used, they must be consistent in style.

b) Grammar: The paper must be free of grammatical error, typos, and spelling errors.  


a) Number of sources: The paper must have a minimum of three major sources for the content. Please make sure your sources are reputable.

b) Bibliography style: The bibliography must be written in proper MLA bibliography style. Failure to use the proper style will result in a loss of points.  Any photos, pictures or diagrams used must have a proper bibliography included with it.

More on Citing Your References: When you write your bibliography, list all of your references including any pictures, photos and diagrams you use. MLA examples for a few types of publication follows (there are different formats for different media, so you may need to look up the MLA format for any not listed here.):

Web Site: Author(s) if appropriate. Title of Site or web page. URL of site, date of publication (the earliest copyright year listed).

Book: Author(s). Title of book. Edition. Location of publisher: Name of Publisher, year of publication.

Encyclopedia: Title of encyclopedia, volume of encyclopedia used. Location of publisher: Name of Publisher, year of publication, pages where the article is located.

Magazine or Journal: Author(s). "Title of article." Name of magazine, Volume.issue (date): pages where the article is located.

Author(s) are listed last name first, first name or initials (as cited in the publication). Example: ZoomWhales.com would be cited as follows: Col, Jeananda. ZoomWhales.com. http://www.ZoomWhales.com, 1999.

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