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Business in Poland

Law, tax and banking. Chapter 6

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

The IFC is a member of the World Bank Group and is the largest multilateral source of loan and equity financing for private sector projects in developing countries.

The IFC offers a full array of financial products and services to companies in its developing member countries. These include, but are not limited to, long-term loans in major and local currencies at fixed or variable rates and equity in- vestments.

The IFC can provide financial instruments singly or in a wide range of combina- tions. It can also help to structure financial packages, co-ordinating financing from foreign and local banks and companies and from export credit agencies.

The IFC s standard investment is between USD 1 million and USD 100 million. However, the standard investment for SMEs is between USD 100,000 and USD 1 million.

The IFC charges market rates for its products and does not accept government guarantees.


International Finance Corporation Washington D.C Tel. +1 202 473 7711 Fax: +1 202 974 4384 Web site: www.ifc.org

Poland: Warsaw Tel. +48 22 520 6100 Fax: +48 22 520 6101

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

As a member of the World Bank Group, the IBRD provides market-based loans and development assistance to help middle-income countries and creditworthy poorer countries reduce poverty.

One of the bank s top priorities is to help stimulate the private sector, which is the main source of economic growth, creating jobs and boosting income.

The IBRD deals extensively with governments in its member countries, mainly because the bank can only lend to a government or under the guarantee of a member government. The IBRD encourages member governments to work closely with non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

Poland has been a member of the IBRD since 1946.

Danske Bank / KPMG / Mazanti-Andersen, Korsø Jensen & Partnere January 2006


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