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Risk Management Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tailoring Lease Specifications www.saif.com

In no cases shall the air exhausted from smoking rooms or other locations with identifiable sources of air contaminants be permitted to be recirculated back into the building.

Other clauses could address the potential for biological contamination sources, for example, through the confirmation of the operation of drain pans and drainage piping.

Clause #6:

All air conditioning (AC) drain pans shall be certified to drain completely under all opening conditions.

Maintenance and Operation

Other building and HVAC parameters that can effect IAQ and could be addressed in contract language include the operating schedules for the HVAC equipment, the maintenance schedules for this equipment and requirements for rebalancing, filter maintenance activities, the need for someone to take responsibility for the operation of the HVAC system and the need to include provisions for providing local exhaust “spot” ventilation on equipment or processes reasonably expected to produce point sources of indoor air pollution such as high volume copying machines.

In order to prevent the infiltration of unconditioned (e.g. unfiltered) outdoor air through penetrations in the building’s envelope, a performance standard for building pressurization is possible. IAQ complaints and temperature control problems have been traced to the entry of dust laden and/or dry air infiltrating into the perimeter areas of buildings.

Clause #7:

The landlord is responsible for operating the building HVAC systems so that the occupied areas of the building are maintained at a slight positive pressure typically (0.01-0.05 of water column) with respect to the outdoors.

Once the building is occupied, periodic IAQ evaluations shall be conducted by a ventilation/IAQ engineer or certified industrial hygienist to confirm that the initial satisfactory performance of the ventilation system is being maintained. This evaluation can be performed on a once or twice a year schedule or can wait until there is a specific request of the tenant due to employee complaints. In either event, the following clause wording may be considered:



In the event that IAQ complaints for more than two weeks, the landlord will be responsible for the cost of hiring a ventilation/IAQ engineer or certified industrial hygienist to evaluate the cause or causes of those complaints. The responsibility for paying for the remedies, however, shall be negotiable depending on the specific reasons for the degradation of indoor air quality.

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