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1. Textbook – College Physics (8th) by Serway and Vuille

2. Lab Manual – Physics Laboratory Manual (2nd or 3rd) by David H. Loyd

3. Calculator – Scientific or graphing

4. Composition Book – Quad ruled, (100 sheets, 9¾”X7½” preferred)

5. Access code to www.webassign.net ($37.00 - $89.00 on website or included with book)


Lecture Exams

There will be three lecture exams, and a final lecture exam.  Each lecture exam is worth 20% with the lowest score being dropped.  The final exam will be cumulative and worth 30%.  The final cannot be dropped and must be taken on the day of the exam.  ALL students are responsible for taking all exams.


Homework will be assigned weekly online at www.webassign.net (discussed below).  The homework is integral for understanding the problems on the exams.  Students having difficulty with the homework problems should contact the instructor during office hours, email, and/or through the class message boards.  Homework will be worth a total of 10% and will be graded online.  


Each lab is recorded in a laboratory notebook.  The notebook will be collected and graded at the end of the semester.  Grading of some labs may include a portion handed in to the instructor.  Avoid missing labs as there will be no makeups.  There may also be laboratory quizzes given throughout the semester.  The lab grade accounts for 20% of the total grade.

Final Grade

The lecture exams, homework, and lab will be added together using the following:

0.2*E1+0.2*E2+0.1*HW+0.3*F+0.2*LAB = Total Percent, where E1 = best exam score percentage, E2 = second best exam percentage, HW = homework percentage, F = final exam percentage, and LAB = lab percentage.

The grade distribution will be adjusted based on the performance on the class.


Cheating will not be tolerated.  To avoid any suspicion of cheating adhere to the following procedures during exams:

1. Keep your eyes on your exam at all times

2. Keep your answers covered at all times

3. Do not communicate with any other student during the exam

4. Do not use any unauthorized prepared material during the exam

Furthermore, no student will be allowed to leave the classroom during an examination for any reason, including the use of the restroom.  Take care of your restroom needs before the exam.  Any student caught cheating will receive a zero for that exam, which cannot be dropped, and will be reported to the college.


Missed exams will result in a zero for the exam.  There will be NO makeup exams.


No eating or drinking is permitted during the lecture or the laboratory.  Please silence your phones.  Do not answer phones in class.  You may quietly step outside the classroom to answer your phone.

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