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Thompson are jointly and severally liable on the Meredith Loan.2 The Meredith Loan matured on

December 31, 2003. The Merediths have taken no action against Kentor or Dr. Thompson for

payment of this debt.

Dr. Thompson is a licensed physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. She now

owns and operates a professional association created in February 2004. Prior to that time, she was

the founder and shareholder as well as worked for Renaissance Women’s Group, P.A. in Austin.

Dr. Thompson filed a voluntary Chapter 7 case on December 31, 2004. She filed her

schedules, statement of financial affairs and statement of intentions with the Court on January 18,

2005. The Chapter 7 Trustee conducted the first meeting of creditors on January 27, 2005. Dr.

Thompson amended her schedules on February 10, 2005. The Chapter 7 Trustee continued and

concluded her meeting of creditors on February 11, 2005. Dr. Thompson then amended her

schedules one more time, on or about March 9, 2005. All Dr. Thompson’s schedules listed Kentor

as an unsecured disputed claim in the amount of $1.00. Kentor filed a proof of claim on August 16,

2005 in the amount of $819,204.88 as a contingent unsecured nonpriority claim. He attached an

Exhibit to his claim that lists ten specified debts which Kentor characterizes as debts incurred by

Dr. Thompson for her own behalf for which he expected claims to be made against him and the

Meredith Loan for $750,000.00. None of the creditors listed on Kentor’s claim’s Exhibit filed

proofs of claim in Dr. Thompson’s bankruptcy except for the Merediths.

Kentor filed this adversary proceeding objecting to Dr. Thompson’s discharge on March 24,

2005. He then purchased the claim of Pool and Spa for $598.95 on November 21, 2005. Pool and

Spa did not file a proof of claim in Dr. Thompson’s bankruptcy nor did Kentor file one on behalf of

2 Dr. Thompson and Kentor executed the Meredith note which expressly provides that the “obligations of Borrower under this Note are joint and several.”


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