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NETWORKS FOR LIVING In skyscrapers, tunnels and amuse- ment parks, networked systems keep users safe and improve efficiency. Pages 13, 15, 16

AT HOME IN THE FUTURE T-Com House in Berlin is unique. In this completely networked home, almost all of the appliances and devices can communicate with one another. Page 20

AN INTERNET OF THINGS Prof. Friedemann Mattern, an expert in pervasive computing, foresees a world of networked objects. Page 22

THE ROAD TO TELEMATIC TRAVEL Traffic management systems are helping to make the most of our roads and to improve the on-time per- formance of public transit systems. Page 23

TAKING STOCK RFID chips are increasingly handling routine operations in companies. This makes processes cheaper and more transparent, and speeds up the flow of goods. Page 28

2 0 1 4 T h e t e n s i o n i s h i g h a t t h e o p e game of the soccer World Cup 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to intelligent traffic management systems and per- sonalized navigation on their mobile phones, two sports writers have arrived in time to provide newspaper coverage. Inside the stadium, smart cameras monitor security while an electronic chip in the soccer ball can determine if the ball has crossed the goal line. n i n g

Smart camera

Stadium security center

RFID chip in soccer ball

Traffic management center

Car- and cell phone- based navigation

High Tech on the Ball

Brazil 2014. The hosts and the German national team are head to head in the opening game of the soccer World Cup. In Rio de Janeiro’s completely networked stadium, sports writers Harry and Luiz are becoming familiar with Brazilian strategies

  • and German high tech throughout the stadium.

T he legendary soccer star Ronaldinho runs past a German defender, cuts infield and hammers the ball into the back of the net. “Goooal!” exults the stadium announcer, and a second later thousands of fans transform the new stadium into a waving sea of green

Pictures of the Future | Fall 2005


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