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Publisher: Siemens AG Corporate Communications (CC) and Corporate Technology (CT) Wittelsbacherplatz 2, 80333 Munich For the Publisher: Dr. Ulrich Eberl (CC), Prof. Dr. Dietmar Theis (CT) ulrich.eberl@siemens.com, dietmar.theis@siemens.com

Editorial Office: Dr. Ulrich Eberl (ue) (Editor-in-Chief) Dr. Norbert Aschenbrenner (na) (Managing Editor) Arthur F. Pease (afp) (Senior Correspondent, Corporate Technology) Florian Martini (fm) (Editor) Harald Hassenmueller (hh) (Editor) Ulrike Zechbauer (uz) (Editor)

Additional Authors in this Issue: Bernhard Bartsch, Bernhard Gerl, Jürgen Goroncy, Günter Heismann, Andrea Hoferich- ter, Ute Kehse, Andreas Kleinschmidt, Dr. Michael Lang, Dr. Luitgard Marschall, Bernd Müller, Lauralee Ortiz, Werner Pluta, Gitta Rohling, Dr. Jeanne Rubner, Björn Schaffer, Tim Schröder, Rolf Sterbak, Dr. Sylvia Trage, Dr. Evdoxia Tsakiridou, Nikola Wohllaib

English Editing: Arthur F. Pease Author Support: Kerstin Purucker, Publicis Kommunikationsagentur GmbH, Erlangen Picture Editing: Susanne Kerber, Vera Ferrarotti, Publicis München Photography: Dominik Asbach, Stefanie Aumiller, Kurt Bauer, Adrian Greiter, Jochen Hähnel, Enno Kapitza, Bernd Müller, Michael Spakowski, Volker Steger, Marc Steinmetz, Steffen Thalemann Internet (www.siemens.com/pof): Volkmar Dimpfl Historical Information: Dr. Frank Wittendorfer, Siemens Archives Address Database: Elke Engelhardt, Anke Kimmling, Publicis Erlangen Layout / Lithography: Rigobert Ratschke, Büro Seufferle, Stuttgart Illustrations: Natascha Römer, Stuttgart Graphics: Jochen Haller, Büro Seufferle, Stuttgart Translations: Transform GmbH, Köln Printing: BechtleDruck&Service, Esslingen

For further information: www.siemens.com/pof

Picture Credits: Deutscher Zukunftspreis, Ansgar Pudenz (4 l.), Osram (4 r., 92, 93), PacProject / Mayr-Melnhof (5 l.), Getty Images (11), Nysted Offshore Wind Farm (14), Europa-Park Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG (17 m.), Fujitsu-Siemens / Belgacom (19 / composing), T-Com (20 b.), private (22, 30, 79), VVO/ Männel (26 t.), Brand X Pictures (48 t. / composing), DaimlerChrysler (54 t.r., 55), BMW Group (57) Copyright for all other images is held by Siemens AG.

Pictures of the Future, syngo, Very Smart Recognizer, Simatic, Desigo and other names are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. ESP is a trademark of Robert Bosch GmbH. Other product and company names mentioned in this magazine may be registered trademarks of their respective companies.

The editorial content of the reports in this publication does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher. This magazine contains forward-looking statements, the accuracy of which Siemens is not able to guarantee in any way. Information about some products is preliminary. Some of the products are under development and not commercially available in the U.S. and their availability cannot be ensured.

Pictures of the Future appears twice a year. Printed in Germany. Reproduction of the articles in whole or in part requires the permission of the editorial office. This also applies to storage in electronic databases, the Internet, and reproduction on CD-ROMs.

© 2005 by Siemens AG. All rights reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Order number: A19100-F-P102-X-7600 ISSN 1618-5498

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