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NOTE 1. Hub Model Designation

HC - D 4 N- 2 A

Character when used denotes a minor change not affecting interchangeability or eligibility L when used denotes left-hand rotation

Denotes specific design features (see NOTE 4)

N denotes flange with eight 9/16” bolts and two ½” dowels on a 4.25” bolt circle P is identical to N flange except uses four ½” dowels

A denotes flange with twelve 9/16” bolts and two 5/8” dowels on a 5.125” bolt circle W is similar to N except uses studs in place of bolts

Number of blades

D specifies basic hub and blade retention E specifies modified hub and blade retention

Hartzell Controllable

NOTE 2: Blade Model Designation






  • -


Number of inches cut off from (or added to if +) basic diameter B or K denotes deicing boots

S when used with aluminum blades denotes a shot-peened exterior (see NOTE 6) C when used with 10950 blade model indicates alternate counterweight (see NOTE 6)

Any other character denotes a minor modification not affecting eligibility Basic blade model Basic diameter in inches. Add one inch correction for all blade models.

Blade shank configuration: D or E denotes right-hand tractor HD or HE denotes right-hand pusher

LD or LE denotes left-hand pusher JD or JE denotes left-hand tractor

(a) (b)

All propeller models have counterweighted blades and use governor oil to decrease pitch. (See NOTE 4)

The Hartzell propeller model HC-E4A-2( ) with E9612( )blades is controlled by an integrated control system which is part of the engine type design. The propeller model HC-E4A-2 with E9612( ) blades complies with the propeller airworthiness requirements when used with the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-68A engine only. Any change to the engine, including its control system, which affects or may affect the propeller approval must be substantiated to demonstrate that the propeller as integrated with the changed engine, including its control system, still complies with the propeller certification basis. Also, any change to the engine resulting from a change to the propeller must be substantiated to demonstrate that the changed engine still complies with the engine certification basis.


All governors and propeller control systems must be approved as part of the aircraft installation regardless of manufacturer. (See NOTE 10)


Pitch Control Maximum output pressure:

HC-E4A-(2,3) models: HC-(D,E)4N-(2,3,5); HC-(D,E)4P-5; HC-E4W-3 models:

700 psig 610 psig

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