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Top Business/Technology Issues Survey Results

In May 2008, ISACA conducted a survey of members, managers and above to identify current business issues, supported by technology. Responses were classified by industry, geographic area and constituency (assurance, IT management and security management). This report summarizes the findings of the survey and provides a concise view of the most prevalent current business/technology issues.

Information Systems Audit and Control Association and Foundation (ISACAF)


ITAF™: A Professional Practices Framework for IT Assurance

ITAFTM consists of compliance and good practice setting guidance:

Provides guidance on the design, conduct and reporting of IT audit and assurance assignments

Defines terms and concepts specific to IT assurance

Establishes standards that address IT audit and assurance professional roles and responsibilities, knowledge, skills and diligence, conduct, and reporting requirements

ITAF provides a single source through which IT audit and assurance professionals can seek guidance, research policies and procedures, obtain audit and assurance programmes and develop effective reports.

While ITAF incorporates existing ISACA standards and guidance, it has been designed to be a living document. As new guidance is developed and issued, it will be indexed within the framework and made available to ISACA members and the public. To date, all current ISACA guidance has been mapped to the framework.

Information Systems Audit and Control Association and Foundation (ISACAF)


Invitación a Conferencistas (Call for Papers)

ISACA™ presenta esta Invitación para aplicar a Conferencistas para la Conferencia Latin America CACS 2009 la cual tendrá lugar en la ciudad de San José en Costa Rica en el mes de Septiembre de 2009. El Comité del Programa de la Conferencia busca conferencistas que presenten los temas de mayor relevancia y actualidad para garantizar el éxito del evento.

El Comité de la Conferencia seleccionará las mejores propuestas de cada pista, para determinar la lista final de temas para la conferencia. El mismo comité propone como temáticas principales de trabajo:  

IT Governance y Control

Auditoría de Sistemas de Información

Gestión de la Seguridad de los Sistemas de Información

Gestión del Riesgo de TI

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