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I would like to take the time first and foremost to thank my family for supporting me during all these years. I want to thank my mother Martha Agueda de la Rosa Espinoza for all her love and her sacrifice. My advisor, Dr. Robert J. Bodnar for his unselfish help, and I am very grateful for his support and for the experience and knowledge I have gained through last two years.

Staff from Great Panther Resources Ltd., especially Robert Archer, William Vanderwall and Robert Brown, are thanked for providing financial support and access to samples and information.

Jim Reynolds showed me the passionate and important religion of fluid inclusions and Scott Mutchler introduced me to the dark side of mathematics. Charles Farley provided help with Raman analysis.

I thank CONACYT and the Virginia Tech Graduate School for providing funding during this study.

I thank the office staff, especially Mary McMurray who helped with travel issues and Connie Lowe for advice and other work that she is doing all the time to help me.

My committee members, Dr. J. Donald Rimstidt and Dr. Antonio Nieto are thanked for their support and for discussions that improved the quality of my research.

I am very grateful to my wife, Elva being always there for me, especially in the difficult moments. Thanks for all your patience, support, and love that helped me to accomplish this thesis.

My fellow graduate students and members of the Fluids Research Laboratory, Rosario Esposito, Max Rolandi, Andras Fall, Martin Hernandez-Marin, Rocky Severs, Steve Becker, Claudia Cannatelli, Jason Lunze, Matthew Steele-MacInnis, John Wyatt, Luca Fedele, all helped during difficult times.

In memory of Guillermo García Figueroa.


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