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Contractor must ensure that units can be easily removed for servicing and coordinate locations of electrical conduit and lights with the electrical contractor.

Option: Dual-point power.

Option: UltraQuiet package shall consist of high technology sound attenuating material that is strategically applied to the compressor and air handling compartment casings and fan scroll in addition to the standard ClimaQuiet system design, to further dampen and attenuate sound transmissions. Compressor is mounted on specially engineered sound-tested isolators.

Fan and Motor Assembly:

All units shall have belt-driven single centrifugal fan. Fan motor shall be premium duty, VFD compatible, permanently lubricated with thermal overload protection. Units supplied without permanently lubricated motors must provide external oilers for easy service. The fan and motor assembly must be capable of overcoming the external static pressures as shown on the schedule. Airflow/Static pressure rating of the unit shall be based on a wet coil and a clean filter in place. Ratings based on a dry coil and/or no filter, or on an ESP less than 0.25” (6.35 mm w.g.) shall NOT be acceptable.

Option: Various blower drive packages for selectable static pressure/airflow.

Refrigerant Circuit:

All units shall contain an EarthPure® (HFC-410A) sealed refrigerant circuit including a high efficiency scroll compressor designed for heat pump operation, a thermostatic expansion valve for refrigerant metering, an enhanced corrugated aluminum lanced fin and rifled copper tube refrigerant to air heat exchanger, reversing valve, coaxial (tube in tube) refrigerant to water heat exchanger, and safety controls including a high pressure switch, low pressure switch (loss of charge), water coil low temperature sensor, and air coil low temperature sensor. Access fittings shall be factory installed on high and low pressure refrigerant lines to facilitate field service. Activation of any safety device shall prevent compressor operation via a microprocessor lockout circuit. The lockout circuit shall be reset at the thermostat or at the contractor supplied disconnect switch. Units that cannot be reset at the thermostat shall not be acceptable.

Hermetic compressors shall be internally sprung. The scroll compressors shall have a dual level vibration isolation system. The compressor(s) will be mounted on specially engineered sound-tested EPDM vibration isolation grommets to a large heavy gauge compressor mounting plate, which is then isolated from the cabinet base with rubber grommets for maximized vibration attenuation. Compressor shall have thermal overload protection. Compressor shall be located in an insulated compartment isolated from air stream to minimize sound transmission.

Refrigerant to air heat exchangers shall utilize enhanced corrugated lanced aluminum fins and rifled copper tube construction rated to withstand 625 PSIG (4309 kPa) refrigerant working pressure. Refrigerant to water heat exchangers shall be of copper inner water tube and steel refrigerant outer tube design, rated to withstand 625 PSIG (4309 kPa) working refrigerant pressure and 500 PSIG (3445 kPa) working water pressure. The refrigerant to water heat exchanger shall be “electro-coated” with a low cure cathodic epoxy

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