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material a minimum of 0.4 mils thick (0.4 – 1.5 mils range) on all surfaces. The black colored coating shall provide a minimum of 1000 hours salt spray protection per ASTM B117-97 on all external steel and copper tubing. The material shall be formulated without the inclusion of any heavy metals and shall exhibit a pencil hardness of 2H (ASTM D3363-92A), crosshatch adhesion of 4B-5B (ASTM D3359-95), and impact resistance of 160 in-lbs (184 kg-cm) direct (ASTM D2794-93).

The unit water circuit is protected by two high pressure switches set at 300 PSI [2067 kPa]. Switches will reset automatically when pressure is reduced. Units that do not have auto-reset water high pressure switches are not acceptable.

Refrigerant metering shall be accomplished by thermostatic expansion valve only. Expansion valves shall be dual port balanced type with external equalizer for optimum refrigerant metering. Units shall be designed and tested for operating ranges of entering water temperatures from 20° to 120°F (-6.7° to 48.9°C). Reversing valve shall be four-way solenoid activated refrigerant valve, which shall default to heating mode should the solenoid fail to function. If the reversing valve solenoid defaults to cooling mode, an additional low temperature thermostat must be provided to prevent over-cooling an already cold room.

Option: The unit shall be supplied with cupro-nickel coaxial water to refrigerant heat exchanger.

Option: The unit shall be supplied with extended range Insulation option, which adds closed cell insulation to internal water lines, and provides insulation on suction side refrigeration tubing including refrigerant to water heat exchanger.

Option: The refrigerant to air heat exchanger shall be coated.

Drain Pan:

The drain pan shall be constructed of galvanized steel and have a powder coat paint application to further inhibit corrosion. This corrosion protection system shall meet the stringent 1000 hour salt spray test per ASTM B117. If plastic type material is used, it must be HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) to avoid thermal cycling shock stress failure over the lifetime of the unit. Drain pan shall be fully insulated. Drain outlet shall be located at pan as to allow complete and unobstructed drainage of condensate. Drain outlet for horizontal units shall be connected from pan directly to 3/4" FPT fitting. For vertical units drain pan hose assembly can be connected to either side, drain outlet to be 1"FPT fitting. The unit as standard will be supplied with solid-state electronic condensate overflow protection. Mechanical float switches will NOT be accepted.

Option: The unit shall be supplied with stainless steel drain pan.


A control box shall be located within the unit compressor compartment and shall contain a 75VA transformer with load side circuit breaker protection, 24 volt activated, 2 or 3 pole compressor contactor, terminal block for thermostat wiring and solid-state controller for complete unit operation. Reversing valve and fan motor wiring shall be routed through this electronic controller. Units shall be name-plated for use with time delay fuses or HACR circuit breakers. Unit controls shall be 24 Volt and provide heating or

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