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A1: Questionnaires and Notes to Interviewers

Objective. Find out how much spending in the Rodney District as a whole depends on the CROP (Leigh) Marine Reserve

There are three parts to this:

  • 1.

    How much longer did you stay in the Rodney District as a result of the existence of the marine reserve? Or put another way, how much less time would you have spent in Rodney if there was no marine reserve.

  • 2.

    How much did you spend per day (or per visit) in Rodney?

  • 3.

    Multiply (1) x (2) to get the change in visitor spending resulting from the park.

Questionnaires There are three different sets of questionnaires depending if visitors to the marine reserve are day visitors to Rodney, overnight visitors to Rodney, or local to Rodney. It is important to show the map so that people understand that Orewa is within Rodney District. Use the; Blue survey questionnaire for day trip visitors to the Rodney District Green survey questionnaire for visitors overnighting in the Rodney District Pink survey questionnaire for those who live or own property within the Rodney District (even if property owner lives elsewhere).

Note non-responders: Please note down the number of people who decline to be interviewed

Spending Tables: Interviewers doing a similar questionnaire at Tongariro National Park reported good results from getting expenditure for a group as a whole (typically 2 – 4 people). This is good to do as it gives us a larger population sample for the same number of interviews. Make sure you specify number of people to whom expenditure applies.

My contact info if you or any respondents would like to discuss the questionnaire further: Lou Hunt (Contractor to DOC) 027 342 1700

Hi, my name is and I’m doing a survey about the regional economic ______________ effects of the marine reserve at Leigh for the Department of Conservation. To do this, we need to find out something about visitor expenditure. Would you be able to spend five minutes to answer a few questions? All your answers will be completely confidential.

Are you visiting today on a day trip from outside the Rodney District, a visitor overnighting in the Rodney District, or do you live or own property within the Rodney District? [show the map so that people understand that Orewa is within Rodney District]


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