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2009 Wildwood Water Utility Specifications

Updated 06/29/09


The developer shall be responsible for the construction of the water service beyond the curb box. However, curb box connection must be inspected by the WWU's inspector prior to backfilling. In addition, the WWU reserves the right to inspect the water service line up to and including the house stop, check valve, and gate valve. During this phase, the inspector will examine the materials; workmanship and the depth of bury to see that they meet the minimum requirements of the WWU.  (SEE FIGURES 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 & 13) Provisions for installing the service along with providing all necessary material following WWU Specifications is also the responsibility of the contractor for the developer. When a meter bypass (JUMPER) is used to test the internal plumbing, the bypass will be immediately removed when testing is completed.


Prior to the Water Meter installation, the owner/developer is responsible for all applicable meter fees (based on the meter size). The owner/developer must present a copy of the water commitment to the water billing department and pay the fee. The owner/developer will then receive a receipt. Said receipt is proof of payment and will be shown to the Meter Division Supervisor to set up installation etc. However, when plans call for the installation of a meter larger than two (2) inch, the WWU will supply the meter for the contractor to install. The requirements and conditions listed below must be met by the owner or the meter will not be installed. An additional charge will be levied against the OWNER any time a call back for inspection is necessary.


The inspection of the service lateral by the WWU inspector must have been completed and the installation found acceptable.


The area provided for the meter must be such that access for installation, servicing, and reading is adequate.


The meter shall be located between the curbline and the sidewalk or as directed by the WWU. (SEE FIGURES 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 & 13) A meter shall not be located in a crawl space.


The heating system for the structure being serviced must be complete and operational, or other arrangements made with the WWU to install the meter.


A water meter will not be installed until the sanitary sewer hookup and sewage facilities have been completed to the satisfaction of the WWU.


Construction must be completed on all exterior openings of the property to be serviced. (I.e. The interior area must be satisfactorily sealed against the elements.)


All plumbing fixtures must be installed and associated work completed and tested.


On all installations, the water meters shall traced to verify what they feed. There will be no exceptions. If they cannot be verified the water meters will not be installed.


All service laterals must be installed below the accepted frost - line.

After the installation is approved and the meter installed, a minimum of one hundred (100) gallons of water will be run through the system to test the operation of the water meter. Once proper water service operation has been established, the meter installation crew will TURN OFF the water at the meter valve. If for any reason, the water is turned on by anyone other than the WWU, the OWNER of record will be billed at the standard rate until the new owner submits a change of ownership form to the WWU'S BILLING DEPT.                                                                                                        

A fine of not more than $500.00 may be levied against anyone caught tampering with the water meter, seals, or appurtenances after the meter is installed.


The use of fire hydrants for purposes other than fire protection, without written permission (i.e. PERMITS) of the WWU is prohibited. Unauthorized use will be considered THEFT OF SERVICES, and violators will be prosecuted. Persons who need to use hydrants and water for


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