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Clear Air (CA) -- Pockets of thin participation and ownership that often lead to wide-range price bars.

Climbing the Ladder -- Bollinger Band pattern that indicates a strong and sustained rally.

Cross-Verification (CV) -- The convergence of unrelated directional information at a single price level.

Cross-Verification x 4 (CVx4) -- A high probability trade in which a single price and time emerges from analysis through at least four unrelated methods.

Cup and Handle (C&H) -- A popular pattern that triggers a breakout through a triple top. The formation draws a long and deep base after an intermediate high. The market rallies into a double- top failure that creates the "cup." It pulls back in a small rounded correction that forms the "handle" and then surges to a new high.

Cup and Two Handles (C&2H) -- A Cup and Handle variation that draws two congestion zones on the right side of the pattern before price ejects into a strong breakout.

Dark Cloud Cover -- A 2-bar candlestick reversal pattern. The first bar draws a tall rally candle. The next candle gaps up but closes well within the range of the prior bar.

Descending Triangle -- A common reversal pattern that forms from a descending upper trendline and a horizontal bottom support line.

Dip Trip -- A trading strategy that buys pullbacks in an active bull market.

Doji -- A 1-bar candlestick reversal pattern in which the open and close are the same (or almost the same) price and the high-low range is above average for that market.

Double Bottom (DB) -- A common reversal pattern in which price prints a new low, reverses into a rally and returns once to test it before moving higher.

Double Top (DT) -- A common reversal pattern in which price prints a new high, reverses into a selloff and returns once to test it before moving lower.

Dow Theory -- Observations on the nature of trend by Charles Dow in the early 20th century. The theory also notes that broad market trends verify when the three major market averages all move to a new high or low.

Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs) -- Computer stock exchanges that rapidly match, fill and report customer limit orders.

Elliott Wave Theory (EWT) -- A pattern-recognition technique published by Ralph Nelson Elliott in 1939 that believes all markets move in five distinct waves when traveling in the direction of a primary trend and three distinct waves when moving in a correction against a primary trend.

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