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Neckline -- A trendline drawn under the support of a Head and Shoulders pattern over the resistance of an Inverse Head and Shoulders pattern.

Negative Feedback -- Directionless price action in which bars move back and forth between well-defined boundaries.

Noise -- Price and volume fluctuations that confuse interpretation of market direction.

On Balance Volume (OBV) -- A volume indicator that measures the progress of accumulation- distribution.

Oscillator -- A subset of technical indicators that accurately measures flat market conditions by assigning overbought and oversold price levels.

Overbought -- The evolution of price action to a state in which it runs out of buying pressure.

Oversold -- The evolution of price action to a state in which it runs out of selling pressure.

Pattern Analysis -- Price prediction through interpretation of the crowd behavior seen in repeating chart formations.

Pattern Cycles -- The tendency of markets to repeat identical price formations through different stages of development in all time frames. The master market blueprint that generates all chart patterns.

Pennants -- Small continuation pattern that prints against the direction of the primary trend.

%WIN -- A performance measurement that shows the total winners divided by the total number of trades.

Positive Feedback -- Directional price action in which bars gather momentum and move from one level to the next.

Power Spike -- A trading strategy that seeks high-volume events and executes positions to capitalize on their special characteristics.

Profit Target -- The projected price that a successful trade will be terminated. The price at which a trade faces first resistance.

Random Walk -- Classic theory that chaos drives all market activity and that price movement cannot be predicted.

Rainbow Crosspoint -- A horizontal support and resistance zone created by a moving average crossover.

Rectangle -- Small continuation pattern that prints sideways to the primary trend.

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