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Reflection -- A 2-bar to 4-bar candlestick pattern that first prints a significant reversal, then thrusts away from that formation and immediately draws an identical reversal in the opposite direction.

Relative Strength Index -- A technical indicator that measures a stock's ability to close up rather than down for a specific period of time. An oscillator invented by J. Welles Wilder that measures overbought, oversold and divergent market situations.

Rising Wedge -- Reversal pattern that slowly rises in an uptrend until price suddenly ejects into a selloff.

Seasonality -- The predictable appearance of certain market characteristics that reflect specific and repeating calendar events.

Setup -- A sequence of bars, patterns or other charting landscape features that predict the direction and timing of future price movement.

Shooting Star -- A 1-bar to 3-bar candlestick reversal pattern with a small real body and tall shadow that pushes into an intermediate high or low before a sudden change in direction.

Slippage -- The difference between expected transaction costs and actual transaction costs.

Slippery Slope -- Bollinger Band pattern that indicates a sustained decline.

Signpost -- Point on the charting landscape that identifies an imminent trading opportunity.

Silent Alarm -- A rare high-volume signal that prints a narrow range bar and flags an impending breakout.

6-18 Swing -- A moving average crossover system used to track intraday buying and selling pressure.

Standard Deviation (std dev) -- The positive square root of the expected value of the square of the difference between a random variable and its mean.

Stochastics -- An overbought-oversold oscillator that compares the current bar to a preset selection of high and low prices. The indicator plots the results on a graph between 0 and 100.

Support/Resistance (S/R) -- Horizontal and non-horizontal barriers that current price should not pass without the application of sufficient directional force.

Swing Trading -- A complex execution strategy that relies on identification of market opportunity through the charting landscape.

Symmetrical Triangle -- A common pattern formed from a descending and rising trendline. The formation has an equal bias of breaking out in either direction.

Technical Analysis -- Market prediction that studies crowd behavior through evolving price and volume activity.

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