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The Player Development Pyramid (continued)

Individual Tactics - action by one player using one or a combination of technical skills in order to create an advantage or to take away the advantage of an opponent. A tactic may be classified as offensive or defensive such as a one on one offensive fake and driving to the net or closing the gap defensively.

Team Tactics - a collective action of two or more players using technical skills and/or individual tactics in order to create an advantage or take away the advantage of an opponent. An example is a 3 vs 2 attack situation from an offensive perspective.

Team Play Systems - a pattern of play in which the movement of one team’s players is integrated in a coordinated fashion in order to accomplish an offensive or defensive objective. An example is a 2-1-2 forechecking system.

Strategy - the selection of team play syste ms in order to impose upon the opposition the style of play and tactics which will build on the team’s strengths and neutralize those of the opponent while at the same time taking advantage of the opponents’ weaknesses. For example when an opponent’s defe nsive players have weak puckhandling skills and move slowly, the strategy might be to shoot the puck into the offensive zone and use an aggressive 2-1-2 forechecking system.

Power Play, 2002, Canadian Hockey Association

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