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Phase-In of Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Legislation Annualization of Fiscal Year 2011 Developmental Disabilities Community Placements

Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority

Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver Employee Health Care Reforms - Higher Education PAAD/Senior Gold Trend Full Fiscal 2012 General Assistance Medical Services Federal Waiver Maximize Federal Revenue in Charity Care Debt Service Provide Select Medicaid Services via Managed Care Medicaid Long Term Care/Global Budget/Medicaid Day Care Senior/Disabled Citizens' Property Tax Freeze Trend Nursing Home Rate Reduction - 3% PAAD Efficiencies Child Care Caseload Health Care Subsidy Fund Shifted to Graduate Medical Education Pensions - Higher Education Eliminate Medicaid Coverage for Part D Rx Copays and Wrap Around Drugs for Medicare Beneficiaries

Mandatory Managed Care for Aged, Blind, and Disabled Medicaid Beneficiaries

Child Care Electronic Benefit Cards -Annualized Savings Children and Families Trend Employer Taxes - Higher Education Nursing Home Bed Hold Reimbursement Maximize Federal Revenue for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Services

Child Care Work Requirement Savings Enroll Selected Medicaid Recipients in Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNP) Equalize Child Care Income Eligibility - Annualized Savings Special Care Nursing Administrative Rate to Standard Nursing Homes Level Federally Qualified Health Centers Rate Reduction State Council on the Arts Eliminate Eligibility of Certain State-only Medicaid Recipients AIDS Drug Distribution Program NJSTARS I & II Trend Eliminate Funding for New Jersey After 3 Center Based Child Care - Conversion from Contracted Rate to Fee-for-Services Equalize Wrap-Around Child Care Copays - Annualized Savings Continue Policy of No New Recipients in Coordinated Garden State Scholarship Programs

Eliminate Annual Inpatient Hospital Inflation Factor $3 Medical Day Care Co-pay with $25 Monthly Cap Revised NJSTARS II Reduce Third Party Contracts for Community Mental Health Services County Jail Restructuring of the General Assistance (GA) Program Continue Policy of No New Recipients in Social Services Student Loan Redemption Program

Eliminate Postpartum Education Campaign


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