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The ramp area north of the Red Hat hangars is used for the security helicopters, which can often be seen parked here. The three MH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters can sometimes be seen patrolling the perimeter of the restricted area. The building in the background, with open sides and a gray roof, was added between 1998 and spring of 2000. It is connected to the North Ramp Area around the Red Hat Hangars.

The area to the north contains the DYCOMS and Quick Kill radar systems and various support buildings. DYCOMS stands for "Dynamic Coherent Measurement System", and is basically a radar cross section measurement system for the development of Stealth aircraft. The two large dishes are typically pointed straight up when they are not in use.

The Quick Kill radar site visible in the photo has two individual antennas near the south end of the dry lakebed. Two similar sites, connected to this one with underground lines, are located out of view east of the runways. Not much is known about these sites, but they appear to also be related to radar cross section measurements.

There are several smaller facilities scattered all over Emigrant Valley west and north of Groom Lake. Most of them are radar sites of various flavors, used to test the stealth capabilities of new developments. Some of these radar sites, and the road to Gate 700 and the NTS, can be seen on the right side of this section. A section of Groom Lake Road is visible on the far site of the dry lakebed of Groom Lake.

The facility on the far right is near Slater Lake. This man-made lake, surrounded by trees, was established in the 1960's as a recreation area for workers at the base.

There are rumors that today it is surrounded by so many classified sites that access to the lake had to be restricted, even for most Area 51 personnel.

Area 51 was rocked by atomic blasts By Peter W. Merlin

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