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briefed on that project.

Other new buildings and construction: A new quonset hut east of the Consolidated Services Facility Two smaller new quonset huts in the complex east of the Shipping and Receiving facility A new building (possibly covering a larger underground structure, possibly a large tank) in the southern area of the base. Buried pipes or cables connect it to the Hangar 8 storage building, to Hangar 17 and to the Steam Plant The southern ramp, north of Hangars 9-16 is being resurfaced Two large new fuel tanks have been set up at the site of the old smaller fuel tanks, which were removed in 2001 Runway 14R/32L is now marked as closed over its full length, including the lakebed overrun Two Janet 737's can be seen parked at the Janet terminal, as well as three of the smaller biz- jets. If you look closely you can even see an F-16 parked on the northern ramp, west of Hangar 6.

Most older satellite images were taken on weekends, with most of the base vehicles parked at the Janet terminal. This photo, taken on a weekday, gives a better idea of areas of activity, based on the number of cars parked there.

These areas include: The parking lot around and north of the Shipping and Receiving Facility The building complex just west of the Shipping and Receiving Facility The parking lot in the center of the base administration offices The area around the Test Engineering and Support Center The northern ramp area

Area 51 Satellite Image, June 7, 2002

5 meter resolution version of a satellite image of Area 51 taken on June 7, 2002.

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