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Public Draft 10-5-09

Appendix B

MANAGEMENT PLANS: Goals and Objectives Summary


Goal 1

Protect and preserve the historic resources of the Lāwa‘i Kai Special Subzone

Objective 1.1 Objective 1.2 Objective 1.3 Objective 1.4 Objective 1.5 Objective 1.6

Create Interpretation Plan for historical resources Evaluate the possible nomination to State & National Registers of Historic Places Consider feasibility of designation as a Cultural Landscape Develop Historic Preservation Plan for Allerton Garden Update Disaster Management Plan to include preservation component Maintain and repair historic structures


Goal 1

Preserve garden resources consistent with the historic Allerton Garden design

Objective 1.1

Objective 2.1

Objective 2.2 Objective 2.3

Objective 3.1 Objective 3.2 Objective 4.1

Develop a written safety plan and communicate procedures to appropriate staff and volunteers Maintain an adequately-sized, trained, and knowledgeable workforce to maintain the historic integrity of the Garden Maintain historic integrity and plant materials within the Garden Stabilize and protect topography in areas prone to soil erosion and runoff using Best Management Practices Map, inventory, and document existing garden resources Inventory and document vegetative features and their historic context Minimize the visual impacts from adjacent developments

Goal 2

Preserve the integrity of the historic landscape by controlling alien animals

Objective 5.1

Objective 5.2 Objective 5.3 Objective 5.4

Exclude the pig population and other ungulates within the Lāwa‘i Kai Special Subzone Reduce or remove feral cat and dog populations Reduce or remove chickens within the Garden area Reduce or eliminate rat population


Goal 1

Stabilize and improve the infrastructure to preserve the historic Allerton Garden

Objective 1.1 Objective 1.2 Objective 2.1 Objective 2.2 Objective 2.3

Objective 3.1 Objective 3.2 Objective 3.3

Upgrade tool sheds wastewater system Upgrade guest house wastewater system Maintain roadway surfaces and paths as funding permits Improve roadway surfaces and paths as funding permits Consider feasibility of rebuilding stream crossing/bridge in historical location to accommodate maintenance vehicles and pedestrians Explore feasibility of changing water features to a closed loop system Determine ways to improve the system for water features Explore ways to prevent leakage while preserving the historical integrity of water features

Lāwa`i Kai Special Subzone Master & Management Plan

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