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Public Draft 10-5-09

Objective 4.1

Objective 4.2 Objective 5.1 Objective 5.2 Objective 5.3 Objective 5.4

Objective 6.1 Objective 6.2 Objective 7.1 Objective 7.2

Examine alternative sources of potable water from the east and west sides of Lāwa‘i Valley Upgrade existing water system if no alternatives are available Improve the Pump 6 water system Consider ways to separate the irrigation system from the water features system Design and install a more efficient water distribution system Analyze ways to become more energy efficient and explore us of renewable energy for powering Pump 6 Finalize a permanent vehicular access from Visitor Center over KDCH property Explore the feasibility of installing a fence on the east and west sides of the Garden Maintain and preserve rock walls and steps as funding permits Study new routing of electrical and telephone lines


Goal 1

Protect and Preserve the Archaeological Sites within Allerton Garden

Objective 1.1

Objective 2.1 Objective 2.2 Objective 3.1

Objective 3.2

Objective 3.3 Objective 3.4

Continue to provide access to the sites for traditional and cultural uses by lineal descendents Continue to implement maintenance plan for Allerton Garden Manage human activity on the beach through adoption of rules Include identified archaeological resources if Allerton Garden is nominated to the State and National Registers of Historic Places Explore funding opportunities and collaborations with independent researchers, graduate students, and cultural preservation groups Develop an Archaeological Preservation Plan for identified archaeological sites Develop interpretive plan and materials on the pre-contact history of Lāwa‘i Valley that are consistent with State Historic Preservation Office guidelines


Goal 1

Improve water quality & ecological health of Lāwa‘i Kai estuary, stream, and coastal waters.

Objective 1.1 Objective 1.2

Objective 1.3

Objective 1.4

Objective 1.5 Objective 1.6 Objective 1.7

Objective 1.8

Develop baseline data and monitor water quality in stream and estuary Develop Best Management Practices for bank management within the project area along stream corridor Contain and control non-native vegetation within the Garden area. Monitor for invasive trends and remove invasives Educate the public about the benefits of using BMPs for the ecological restoration of estuary and bay Maintain the natural connection (sandbar) between the estuary and stream Delineate wetland areas Consider feasibility of hardening earthen roads with permeable surfaces within the project area Explore feasibility of fishpond restoration

Goal 2

Restore and protect native aquatic species in Lāwa‘i Kai Estuary and Stream

Objective 2.1

Manage and reduce the number of alien aquatic species such as guppies, tilapia, Tahitian prawn, Samoan crab

Lāwa`i Kai Special Subzone Master & Management Plan

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