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  • ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

  • Conventional Bus: A school bus with the complete engine in front of the windshield and the service or entrance door behind the front wheels.

  • FHWA: Federal Highway Administration; an agency of the USDOT

  • FMVSS: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, 49CFR 571, vehicle construction standards, enforced by law

  • Federal Guideline No. 17: Federal Highway Safety Program Guideline Number 17

  • GAWR: Gross Axle Weight Rating. Gross axle weight rating; the value specified by the manufacturer as the load-carrying capacity of a single axle system, as measured at the tire-ground interfaces.

  • GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Gross vehicle weight rating; the value specified by the manufacturer as the loaded weight, with passengers, of a single vehicle

  • Knee Space: The horizontal distance between the restraining barrier's rear surface and the seating reference point of the seat in front of which the barrier is required shall not be more than 610 mm (24 inches) measured along a horizontal longitudinal line through the seating reference point in the forward direction. See FMVSS 222 (Section S.5.2.1)

  • Manufacturer: A fabricator of school buses, bodies, chassis, or components.

  • MPV: Multipurpose passenger vehicle accommodating ten (10) or less people.

  • Multifunction School Activity Bus (MFSAB): A MFSAB is a sub category of a school bus. It must meet all FMVSS's of a school bus except traffic control devices (flashing light and stop arm and may not be painted in national school bus yellow). The MFSAB cannot be used to transport students from home to school or school to home.

  • NSTSP: 2005 National School Transportation Specifications & Procedures

  • NHTSA: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • NTSB: National Transportation Safety Board; a Federal agency authorized by Congress to investigate vehicle accidents and make safety recommendations.

  • SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers

  • SCHOOL ACTIVITY BUS (State Definition - Transportation Code 541.201 “Vehicles” (15): A school activity bus means a bus designed to accommodate more than 15 passengers, including the operator, that is owned, operated, rented, or leased by a school district, county school, open-enrollment charter school, regional education service center, or shared services arrangement and that is used to transport public school students on a school-related activity trip, other than on routes to and from school. The term does not include a chartered bus, a bus operated by a mass transit authority, a school bus or a multifunction school activity bus. The underlined section is where it says a school activity bus cannot be a “school bus or multifunction school activity bus”.

  • SCHOOL BUS (State Definition): A school bus means a motor vehicle that was manufactured in compliance with the federal motor vehicle safety standards for school buses in effect on the date of manufacture and that is used to transport pre- primary, primary, or secondary students on a route to or from school or on a school-

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