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RECALL NOTIFICATION: Manufacturer or vendor awarded will be responsible for notifying the school district or entity accepting delivery of the bus of any recall notices.

CERTIFICATION AND COMPLIANCE: By signing the bid, the bidder certifies that the equipment being offered meets or exceeds all requirements and conditions of the bid specification on delivery of the bus. At time of delivery, bidder also certifies that the addition of any option or removal of any equipment has not compromised warranty. The burden of proof for compliance with this specification shall be the responsibility of the vendor, manufacturer, or both.

CHASSIS PRODUCTION ORDER: Attachment: One (1) copy of the production order or “line setting ticket” or build orders (Type A) listing both standard and optional equipment installed on the chassis must accompany the chassis to which it pertains upon delivery of the chassis to the bus body manufacturer and to the final destination (receiving School District). The copy of this production order should be contained in a waterproof envelope and placed in the glove compartment, or it may be secured by other means, which will assure positive attachment to the chassis. The production order shall be a printed form and not machine coded. Alternative Plate: In lieu of the production order, the information required above may be stamped on a metal plate, either on the vehicle identification plate regularly furnished or on an additional plate. The identification plate(s) shall be attached to the chassis in a conspicuous place and in an accessible position in order that it may be easily read. Removal/Obliteration: The body manufacturer shall not remove the production order or chassis identification plate referred to above from the chassis since it is for the information of the receiving school district. The vehicle identification plate shall not be obliterated when under coating or paint is applied to the area where the plate is mounted. The plate shall not be mutilated or covered when installing equipment such as the heater, heater hose, or electrical cables.

LITERATURE AND DRAWINGS: Each bidder shall furnish the following: Literature: The bidder shall have on file with the Department, the latest pamphlets, brochures, and printed literature on the equipment the bidder proposes to furnish to this specification. Receipt of the pamphlets, brochures, and printed literature on the equipment shall precede the sale of a school bus built to these specifications.

Metal Certification: The manufacturer shall have on file with the Department; a statement certifying that the metal used in Texas school buses conforms to the NSTS&P. NSTS&P requires galvanized steel to meet the requirements of the one thousand (1000) hour salt spray test in accordance with ASTM Standard B 117 and shall not lose more than ten percent (10%) of material by weight. Receipt of the letter shall precede the sale of a school bus built to these specifications.

Isometric Drawings: On request by the Department, the manufacturer shall provide detailed isometric drawings of the bus body showing floor panels, side posts, roof bows,

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