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bow-frames, stringers, longitudinal frame members, exterior panels, and front and rear end framing. Each component shall be identified in block form showing: 1.) The item number, 2.) The type of steel or other metal or material with strength at least equivalent to all steel, and 3.) The decimal thickness of steel used in the construction.

MANUFACTURER’S CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: Upon receipt of payment, the vendor shall furnish the ordering school district with the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin which shall include the mileage accrued at the time of delivery. The Certificate of Title will not meet this requirement. The manufacturer’s New Vehicle Warranty and major component parts warranties shall be furnished to the receiving school district.

TEMPORARY LICENSE TAGS: The vendor shall issue temporary license tags for each new bus delivered.

DELIVERY PROCEDURE: The delivery of a bus to any specified destination may be made by any normal delivery procedure which the manufacturer or distributor utilizes. The bus body distributor must guarantee the equipment to be free of damage as a result of the type of delivery. If the bus is damaged prior to or at delivery and if the purchaser accepts the bus, the receiving copy will denote said damage or omission. If any damage is caused by or during delivery that can be established within ten (10) working days after delivery to any district, the district must be compensated for such damage by the vendor. It shall be the obligation and responsibility of each body manufacturer to check and inspect each chassis delivered to the body manufacturer’s plant to ascertain that the chassis is free of any damage that might have occurred as a result of the type of delivery.

DELIVERY TIME: Buses may be delivered to the receiving school districts during normal operating hours. (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) Vendors shall give at least a 24 hour notice of delivery. The person delivering the bus shall present a delivery receipt to the responsible school personnel and obtain that school official’s signature before delivery is considered complete.

LATE DELIVERIES: Failure by the vendor to deliver buses, caused directly by natural disaster, war, civil disturbance, Federal Law and regulations, labor disputes, or accidents during transport which are beyond control of the contractor, will not cause the damages described to be assessed, but will not prohibit the district from canceling the order.

LATE DELIVERY NOTIFICATION: Should the vendor be unable to deliver the bus by the due date, the vendor shall notify the district/entity and the Department in writing in advance of the scheduled delivery date. The notice shall indicate the anticipated delivery date and the specific cause of this delay. Failure to notify the purchasing entity may be cause to cancel the order or assess $50.00 per vehicle per business day for non-notification. Email notification is acceptable.

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