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PRE-DELIVERY SERVICE: The vendor or the vendor’s representative responsible for the final delivery shall include with the bus a signed certificate stating that the following service was performed and that inspection indicates the bus(s) is (are) in new condition and ready for delivery. The following service on the chassis and body shall be performed before the bus is delivered to the receiving school district:

  • Chassis lubrication, complete.

  • Check all fluid levels and maintain proper grade and types of fluids.

  • Clean interior and clean and wash exterior of bus.

  • Pre-delivery inspection and service on chassis.

  • See suggested Pre-service Checklist in Section G

  • See suggested Specifications Checklist in Section G.

INSPECTION: Inspection shall be by and at the discretion of the Department or its designated agent and may be performed either at the place of manufacture, at the vendor’s facility in Texas, or at the final destination, or a combination of these. The authorized State Inspector shall have access to the manufacturer’s plant during all normal working hours in order to make all necessary inspections during the process of manufacture and assembly. This does not preclude the school districts’ personnel from making inspections during manufacture, before or after acceptance of delivery. The school district’s personnel are urged to make detailed inspections, especially upon delivery, and report any discrepancy or discrepancies to the vendor. If not corrected to the satisfaction of the district/entity, the district/entity should contact the Department. Any such discrepancies found during or after manufacturing shall be immediately corrected to the satisfaction of the district/entity, at no charge, by the manufacturer or distributor.

Note: See "School Bus Purchaser Pre-service Checklist" and "Texas School Bus Specifications Checklist" in Section G.


New Vehicles: All warranties listed herein shall apply to all school buses manufactured after the effective date of these specifications. Body and chassis manufacturers’ warranty policies shall allow revision of warranty start date for each vehicle to the actual in-service date by the school district. The purchasing entity is responsible for notifying the delivering dealer within 90 days after the bus is put in service. Appropriate forms to update warranty shall be included in the owner-operator’s packet supplied and shall be conveyed along with the warranty to the district upon delivery of the completed unit. Above requirements shall apply to the basic Texas minimum warranty, all component warranties, and any extended warranties offered or required.

Texas Minimum Warranty:

The bus vendor, identified in Section I, “VENDORS Buses” shall provide an inclusive two (2) year unlimited miles warranty for school bus bodies and chassis sold as “new” by

Section A-9

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