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Each school bus shall be equipped with an electronic audible and visual warning device that requires driver deactivation after the driver walks to the rear exit of the school bus checking for children.


All school buses shall have a driver's seat equipped with a one-piece high back, suspension seat designed to minimize the potential for head and neck injuries in rear impacts, providing minimum obstruction to the driver's view of passengers, and meeting applicable requirements. The driver contact area of the cushion and seat back shall be made of soil and wear resistant material. Seat shall be squared and centered ± 1/2 inch behind the steering wheel with a backrest a minimum distance of 11 inches behind the steering wheel. Seat shall be securely mounted to ensure minimal flexing of the seat and the floor panel(s). A Type A bus may have manufacturer’s standard seat.

A Type 2, shoulder height adjustable or integrated, lap/shoulder belt shall be provided for the driver. The assembly shall be equipped with an emergency locking retractor for the continuous belt system. On all buses except Type A equipped with a standard chassis manufacturer’s driver’s seat, the lap portion of the belt system shall be guided or anchored to prevent the driver from sliding sideways under it.


All wiring shall conform to current standards of the Society of Automotive Engineers, be coded by color, number and be insulated. All joints shall be soldered or joined by equally effective fasteners. All wires of 4-gauge or larger and any accessory wire connected directly to the battery shall have soldered ends, and the ends shall be protected with heat shrink tubing. Body wiring and connectors, including any battery cables routed by the body manufacturer, shall be routed and/or protected so as to eliminate possibility of wiring and connectors becoming abraded, pierced by fasteners, shorted, or otherwise damaged during manufacture and use. Electrical components specified below shall be provided and wiring shall be in circuits as follows:

ACCESS PANEL, ELECTRICAL All Type C buses shall be equipped with a sealed exterior electrical access panel or must provide easy internal access to body electrical components and circuits. All Type D buses shall be equipped with a sealed exterior electrical access panel to provide easy access to body electrical components and circuits. BACKUP ALARM Body manufacturer shall provide a backup alarm on each bus to provide audible warning that the bus is in reverse gear. Alarm shall meet requirements of SAE J994, and shall be a minimum of 107dba. CIRCUIT BREAKERS Each circuit, except starting and ignition, shall be isolated and shall be protected by a circuit breaker device. For multiplex wiring systems, field effect transistors are acceptable.

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