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Each school bus shall be equipped with three (3) triangular warning devices meeting the requirements of FMVSS No. 125. The devices shall be packed three (3) per metal or heavy-duty plastic box. Container for warning devices shall be secured with a bracket mounted in the driver’s compartment and the container shall be easily removed without tools.


All buses shall be equipped with a total number of emergency exits as follows for the maximum design capacity. Exits required by FMVSS No.217 may be included to comprise the total number of exits specified. Each emergency exit below shall comply with FMVSS No.217. These emergency exits are in addition to the rear emergency door or left side emergency door on rear engine bus exits. A door holding device shall be provided to hold the swing out type emergency door(s) in the fully opened position.

Up to 42-Passenger = One (1) emergency exit per side and one (1) roof hatch. 43-to 78-Passenger = Two (2) emergency exits per side and two (2) roof hatches. 79-to 90-Passenger = Three (3) emergency exits per side and two (2) roof hatches.

NOTE: A side emergency door may be substituted for 2 emergency exits on the same side of the vehicle. The area of an opening equipped with a wheelchair lift may be credited toward the required additional exit if, the lift folds or stows in such a manner that the area is available for use by persons not needing the lift.


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    The floor system in all buses shall be of 14-gauge steel with a metal zinc coating designation of G60. Other metal or materials used in construction shall have strength at least equivalent to steel components specified.

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    Construction and Installation: The floor panels shall run the full width of the floor and shall be supported on all outside edges by a longitudinal frame member. The floor panels shall be welded, riveted, or bolted to the main and auxiliary cross members and shall be joined to form a leak and dust proof floor. The main and auxiliary cross members shall extend the full interior width of the floor panels. The side posts or bow frames shall be securely welded, riveted, or bolted to the floor system and to the longitudinal frame members or gussets.

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    Cross Members: The floor panels and cross members and its spacing shall be designed and constructed to support all fixed and changeable loads under all operating conditions without deformation of the under body structure, strains to body, or fractures of member joints. The under structure shall be designed and constructed to eliminate the necessity of installing outriggers attached to the chassis except at the front entrance. The under surface of the entire floor structure, including wheel housing and step-well, shall be sprayed with material at

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