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sides. If paint is used it shall be equal in quality to that of the bus body paint and the color shall be black enamel (color No. 17038). If decals are used they shall meet or exceed the requirements of bus body paint. The lettering shall be black in color conforming to the color of black enamel (Color No. 17038). Abbreviations may be used to identify type of school district (ISD, CISD, CSD or MSD).

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    The school district should list in the space provided on the School Bus Requisition Form, the name to be placed on the bus. Characters should be typed or printed plainly on the form to ensure accurate spelling.

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    The school district (contractor) logo may be added to the bus. If a logo is placed on the school bus, it must be evenly placed on both sides as near the front of the school bus as possible and may not be larger than 500 square inches.


A means shall be provided to mount the license plate on the front and the rear of the bus. Any items added to the school bus must not obstruct the location of the front license plate.


ALTERNATELY FLASHING SIGNAL LAMPS: The bus shall be equipped with two (2) red lamps at the rear of the vehicle and two

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    red lamps at the front of the vehicle.

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      In addition to the four (4) red lamps described above, four (4) amber lamps shall be installed so that one amber lamp is located near each red signal lamp, at the same level, but closer to the vertical centerline of bus. The system of red and amber signal lamps shall be wired with a master "on/off" switch so that when the master switch is "on" the red lamps will automatically operate anytime the bus service door is opened. The amber signal lights, when manually activated, will cease operation when the bus service door is opened and the red signal lamps operate. The red signal lamps shall be wired to ensure continued operation anytime the master switch is in the "on" position, even if the ignition switch is in the "off" position. The area around the lenses of alternately flashing signal lamps extending outward from the edge of the lamp at a minimum of one inch and shall be black in color. An amber pilot light and a red pilot light shall be installed adjacent to the driver controls for the flashing signal lamp to indicate to the driver which lamp system is activated.

    • B.

      All alternately flashing red and amber signal lamps shall be LED and enclosed in the body in a readily accessible location.

BACK UP LIGHTS There shall be two (2) twelve square inch minimum LED backup lights. BRAKE/TAIL LAMPS The quantities, colors, requirements, and mounting of LED tail and stop lamps shall be in accordance with FMVSS No. 108, except stop lamps shall be a minimum of thirty-eight (38) square inches and mounted at approximately the belt line level of the

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