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bus. A set of minimum four-inch (4”) tail/stop lamps shall be installed below the minimum of thirty-eight (38) square inches set. CLEARANCE AND IDENTIFICATION LIGHTS LED clearance lights shall be mounted at the four (4) body corners, upper section, amber front, and red-rear. Intermediate amber units are required on all units over 30 feet. The headlight switch shall activate the clearance lights.

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    LED identification lights shall be mounted as follows; three (3) amber lights on the front, three (3) red lights on the rear. Front and rear shall be grouped in a horizontal row. Lamp centers shall be spaced not less than six (6) inches or more than twelve (12) inches apart, mounted as close as practical to the vertical centerline.

  • B.

    All LED clearance and identification lights shall meet current SAE requirements and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and shall:

    • 1.

      Be a sealed type light.

    • 2.

      Be surface mounted with rust proof material guard unless recessed to prevent

breakage. CONTROL PANEL LIGHTING The control panel or switches supplied by the body manufacturer shall be illuminated, and shall have a control for varying the illumination to the control panel or switches. EXTERIOR DOOR FIXTURE There shall be a light fixture, mounted outside the bus below the beltline by the service door. The light shall be a minimum thirty-two (32) candlepower and light a minimum four (4) foot diameter area. The light shall come on with the step well lights and illuminate the ground around the bus door. The light must be installed to prevent a burn hazard. INTERIOR LAMPS Interior lamps shall be provided which adequately illuminate the aisle and step-well. There shall be installed at least four recessed flush mounted interior lamps in the passenger compartment of the bus, operated by one control panel mounted switch. If more than six lamps are used, then an additional switch may be added to control these lamps. The driver's area shall be illuminated with an interior lamp operated by a separate switch. STEP-WELL LAMP The step-well shall be illuminated with a separate lamp activated by opening the service door when the headlight/clearance lights are on. Step-well lamp fixtures must be installed to prevent a burn hazard. TURN SIGNAL / HAZARD WARNING LAMPS The quantities, colors, requirements, and mountings of turn-signal/hazard warning lamps shall be in accordance with FMVSS No. 108, except rear turn-signal lamps shall be a minimum thirty-eight (38) square inches.

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    Front: The front turn signal lamps shall be the manufacturer standard. The operating units and flasher for turn signals and vehicular hazard warning signals shall meet the requirements of FMVSS No. 108.

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    Side: Buses thirty-six (36) passenger capacity or larger shall be equipped with amber side-mounted signal lights. The turn signal lamp on the left side shall be mounted rearward of the top of the stop signal arm and the turn signal lamp on the

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