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right side shall be mounted rearward of the service door. The candlepower of the light shall be a minimum of four (4) candlepower.

  • C.

    Rear: The rear turn signal lenses shall be amber of LED type.

  • D.

    Installation: The gasket shall be the full width of the flange on the lamp. Proper installation of the lamp shall be made in order to prevent seepage of moisture into the opening.


  • A.

    Interior Mirror: Interior mirror shall be either clear-view laminated glass or clear- view glass bonded to a backing, which retains the glass in the event of breakage. Mirror shall be a minimum of 6" X 30". Mirror shall have rounded corners and protected edges. Note: 6"x16" Interior mirror allowed in 14-30 passenger design type A's only.

  • B.

    Exterior Mirrors: Each school bus shall be equipped with a system of exterior mirrors complying with FMVSS 111 and meeting the following requirements:

    • 1.

      Cross/side-view Mirror System: The cross/side -view mirror system shall provide the driver with indirect vision of an area at ground level from the front bumper forward, and the entire width of the bus, to a point where the driver can see by direct vision. The system shall also provide the driver with indirect vision of the area at ground level around the left and right front corners of the bus to include the tires and service entrance on all types of buses to a point where it overlaps with the rear vision mirror system. This mirror system shall incorporate the following features or requirements:

      • a.

        Only (1) one mirror shall be installed at each front corner of the bus.

      • b.

        Mirrors shall not reflect excessive glare from the bus headlights or sun into driver's eyes.

      • c.

        Any fasteners used in the construction of the mirror and mounting brackets shall be corrosion proof.

    • 2.

      Rear Vision Mirror System: A rear vision mirror system shall be provided which incorporates the following features and requirements:

      • a.

        The mirror system shall consist of one flat and one convex mirror lens per side as standard. Each mirror set shall be mounted on a single breakaway arm with positive detent or friction lock. Type A buses may be exempted from this requirement if no such arms or mounts are available.

      • d.

        Each of the four required mirrors in the rear vision mirror system shall be electrically operated, remote control, rear view mirrors.

      • e.

        Any fasteners used in the construction of the mirror and mounting brackets shall be corrosion proof.

Overall exterior mirror system (cross/side -view and rear vision mirrors) shall be isolated from vibration.


There shall be a manual (on/off) noise abatement switch installed in the control panel, labeled and wired into the activation circuit for the master body circuit solenoid. This

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