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switch shall deactivate all body equipment that produces noise, including at least, the radio, heaters, air conditioners, fans, and defrosters. This switch shall not deactivate safety systems such as windshield wipers, two-way radios, or lighting systems.


Prior to the application of the finish coats to body, hood, and cowl, all surfaces shall be cleaned of grease, foreign matter, excessive body caulking, and sealing material and treated as per paint manufacturer's recommendation for proper paint adhesion. National School Bus Yellow paint shall meet National Specifications for color and shall have a finished gloss rating of at least eighty-five (85) at sixty degrees (60°) and a distinctness of image rating of an average of at least fifty (50) measured using the same method specified for gloss. Paint shall be applied for a total dry thickness of at least 1.8 mils over all painted surfaces. Trim, lettering, rub rails and bumpers shall be black except that bumpers may be striped in accordance with National Specifications or these specifications. The interior of the bus body shall be manufacture standard color unless otherwise specified in bid.


INTERIOR: All interior wall and ceiling panels except wiring access panels shall be steel and of the body manufacturer’s standard design except the panels beneath the window shall be clear-coated galvanized embossed steel meeting ASTM A 653/A 653M. Galvalume, aluminized steel, and aluminum over steel panels are acceptable for use beneath the windows and in the entryway. Wall and ceiling interior panels made of aluminum may be used in Type A buses only. Front and rear ceiling panels shall be formed to present a smooth, pleasing appearance. If the ceiling is constructed so as to contain lapped joints, the rear panel shall lap the forward panel and all exposed edges shall be beaded, hemmed, flanged, or otherwise treated to minimize sharp edges. EXTERIOR: Exterior paneling includes all sheet metal skin forming exterior surface of body. Exterior paneling should be of 20-gauge steel minimum thickness and shall be attached to bow frames to act as an integral part of structural frame. Twenty two (22) gauge steel is allowed on Type A 30 passenger or less.


On delivery, the vendor shall provide one complete set per order per model in any media format or as specified at time of invitation to bid by the district:

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Operator’s Manual Warranty Information Service Manuals (OEM of the Engine, Chassis, and Body) Parts Manuals (OEM of the Engine, Chassis, and Body) Complete body wiring diagram Line Setting Ticket

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