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sturdy construction, designed so that they will not be so wide as to unnecessarily obstruct driver's view. Body shall be fastened to chassis cowl in an approved waterproof manner. G. All bus bodies shall be constructed in square and level. There shall be no more than one inch (1") of difference from side to side and front to rear of the bus body (not counting any chassis lean or twist). All bodies shall be mounted such that all designed body contact points are in contact with the chassis frame. All bodies shall be centered on the chassis but shall be no more than one half inch (1/2") off of dead center.


Type A buses may be constructed with exterior paneling of material other than steel, meeting all body manufacturer requirements and applicable FMVSS. Body structural design shall comply with all other applicable requirements above.


Buses shall be equipped with one stop arm, air or electrically driven, meeting SAE J1133 and the following requirements:

  • A.

    Design: The sign shall be octagon-shaped, constructed of zinc-coated steel, aluminum, or equivalent material of equal durability. It shall have a minimum one-half inch (1/2”) wide white border and the word “STOP” in white letters at least six inches (6”) high against a red background on both sides. The letters, border and background shall be of reflective materials meeting DOT FHWA FP- 85 on both sides. Double-faced red, alternately flashing lamps, flashing both sides, one above and below the word "STOP" each visible from both sides and shall be connected to, and flash with the required school bus red flashing signal lamp circuit when the arm is extended, or an LED Stop Sign. The stop arm assembly shall be non-corrosive.

  • B.

    Mounting: If only one stop arm is provided, the stop arm shall be installed on the left side of the school bus near the front cowl section. If a second stop arm is provided, it shall be installed on the left side of the bus near the rear section of the bus and shall have one (1) "STOP" emblem facing the rear of the bus when the stop sign is in the open position.

  • C.

    Dual stop arms shall be provided on buses designed for forty-seven (47) passengers or larger.


An interior adjustable tinted transparent sun shield, with a finished edge and not less than 6 inches x 30 inches (6" X 30") for Types C, and D vehicles, shall be installed in a position convenient for use by the driver. The sun shield (visor) on all Type A buses shall be installed according to the manufacturer’s standard.


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