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    Rear windows (not emergency door windows): Shall be installed on each side of the rear emergency door. Each rear window glass shall have a minimum area of one hundred forty square inches (140 sq. in.) and shall be set solid in a waterproof manner. These windows shall be installed securely to prevent removal by hand. A rear "push-out" window, meeting the requirements of FMVSS No. 217, shall be provided on the rearward window on rear engine buses.

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    Side Window, Driver's: The driver's window shall be a two-piece (2-piece) window of either of the following types:

    • 1.

      Two-piece (2-piece) sliding-sash type: This type will be acceptable only when the bus is equipped with an adequate air scoop to draw outside air into the driver's compartment. When driver's ventilation is drawn through the heater system, this air shall be shielded from the heat sources.

    • 2.

      Other Type: This type of window shall have the front part opening either in or out and rear part lowering and raising by use of a regulating handle.

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    Windshield: Front body section in the area of windshield shall provide for corner vision and be fitted with curved glass, three or four-piece flat glass, or two-piece flat glass as approved by the Department of Public Safety. Glass shall be laminated safety polished plate with dark tint at top, installed in a waterproof manner and slanted to reduce glare. Glass shall meet current SAE specifications and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.


Washers: An electric-operated windshield washer shall be furnished and installed. The washer shall have a minimum reservoir capacity of one quart (1 qt.) of liquid and shall direct a stream of water into the path of travel of each windshield wiper blade each time the actuating button is operated. Wipers: A windshield wiping system, two (2) speeds or variable speed, with an intermittent feature, shall be provided. The wipers shall be operated by one (1) or more air or electric motor. If one (1) motor is used, the wipers shall work in tandem or opposing to give full sweep of the windshield.

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