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When so specified in the Invitation for Bids to include a wheelchair lift, (See Section F Option #74) the 14 through 90 passenger school buses shall be equipped with a wheelchair lift meeting the following requirements. All parts which are not specifically mentioned that are necessary for the unit to be complete and ready for operation, or which are normally furnished as standard equipment, shall be furnished by the successful bidder. All school buses equipped with a lift shall provide a minimum 30-inch aisle leading from any wheelchair mobility aid position to at least one emergency door. A wheelchair securement position shall never be located adjacent to the lift door. All parts shall conform in strength, quality, and workmanship to industry standards meeting FMVSS 403 and installed according to FMVSS 404. The wheelchair lift furnished for option #74 shall: be operated by a twelve (12) volt DC electric-hydraulic, electro- mechanical system or a combination there of. The lifting mechanism and platform shall be capable of operating effectively with a wheelchair and occupant mass of at least eight hundred (800) pounds. The vertical lift travel of the platform shall be appropriate for the school bus type and exceed the bus floor to ground distance by a minimum of six inches (6”) to allow for un-level loading conditions. The lift shall be self contained, mounted directly to the existing bus body floor and the existing body floor shall be able to pass a static load test of 3 times the lifting capacity of the lift. The lift shall be grounded to the bus chassis with a cable of suitable gauge to ensure positive grounding of the lift.


One or two (1 or 2) special side doors with windows in each door shall be provided as follows: Design: The special service door(s) may be the standard double or single swing-out doors furnished by the chassis manufacturer on vehicles used for converted van buses or the special service doors shall be constructed of zinc-coated steel (G-60) or equivalent meeting ASTM A-924/A 924M. Doors may be either standard widths or as required for the lift furnished. The doors shall extend from the window header to the bottom of the floor line. Doors shall be water and weather tight when closed, with lift in the travel position. Door Holding Device: A means (device) shall be provided to hold the swing-out type door(s) in the fully opened position. Drip Rails: Full-length drip rails shall be furnished over the special service doors, which shall direct water away from the doors. Header Board: The head impact area on the inside at the top of the special service door shall be protected by an energy absorbing, padded header board, a minimum of three inches (3") wide and a minimum of one inch (1") thick, extending the full width of the door to prevent injury when accidentally impacted. Rub Rails: Exterior side(s) of special service doors shall have two (2) rub rails with end caps installed at approximately the same level as the side-rub rails. Rub rail installation shall be in accordance with the requirements outlined in "Section C: RUB RAILS".

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