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All wiring and wiring connectors used in the construction of the wheelchair lift shall meet the requirements of SAE J561. The vendor will notify the manufacturer if an after market installation is planned. The vendor is responsible for an electrical up-grade. (See: Section B, ALTERNATOR, Section C, BATTERY and ELECTRICAL COMPARTMENTS and ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT & WIRING sections.) Electrical Insulation: Any component(s) such as the motor, electric wiring, switches, and any connections or parts likely to pose a safety hazard, shall be enclosed in insulated housing(s) to protect passengers and equipment. Circuit Protection: A re-settable circuit breaker for the lift electrical system shall be located as close to the battery compartment as possible but not in the passenger or battery compartment. The breaker must be easily accessed.


Frame: Lift frame shall be constructed and designed to support the platform extension, toe board, and other parts necessary for proper operation, plus a minimum of eight hundred pounds (800 lbs.) of additional weight. Design of Platform, Automatic Folding Type: The platform shall be of sturdy construction and covered with minimum one-eighth inch (1/8") safety plate steel or one-eighth inch (1/8") expanded metal (open grate) with maximum three-fourths inch (3/4") openings. The lift platform shall have a minimum thirty-two inches (32"), when measured two inches (2") above the platform surface, of clear, usable width, unobstructed by the required handrail. The minimum clear length of the platform between the outer edge barrier and the inner edge shall be forty-eight inches (48"). Any portion of platform in the folded (travel) position that obstructs window vision shall be covered with expanded metal. Handrail: The lift platform shall be equipped with two (2) handrails for security. The graspable portion of each handrail shall measure not less than thirty inches (30") and not more than thirty eight inches (38") above the platform surface, measured vertically and designed to fold when in stowed position so as not to add to the overall lift projection into the bus. Lift Action: Lift shall be equipped with two actions; power-up and controlled descent with slow (gentle) movement. Platform shall be level at all times during the raising and lowering action. A load switch shall be installed on the platform to prevent accidental folding while loading wheelchair passengers. Safety Rails: The platform shall be equipped with safety rails on both sides, which are constructed of a minimum one-eighth inch (1/8") steel and one inch (1") high. The front of the lift shall have a folding type safety rail a minimum of three inches (3") in height. Safety rail folding action may be either manual or automatic. Toe Board: A toe board shall be furnished that is angled at approximately eight degrees (8°) below horizontal. Operations / Cycle Counter: As required by FMVSS 403 Standard.

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