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  • K.

    A device for storage of the securement and restraint system shall be provided. When the system is not in use, the storage device shall allow for the clean storage of the system, shall keep the system securely contained and shall enable the system to be readily accessed for use.

  • L.

    The entire securement and restraint system, including the storage device, shall meet the flammability standards established in FMVSS 302.

  • M.

    Each securement device (webbing or strap assembly) and restraint belt assembly shall be permanently and legibly marked or incorporate a non-removable label or tag which states that it conforms to all applicable FMVSS requirements, as well as the current National School Transportation Specifications & Procedures. In addition, the system manufacturer, or an authorized representative, upon request by the original titled purchaser, shall provide a notarized Certificate of Conformance, either original or photocopied, which states that the wheelchair/ mobility aid securement and occupant restraint system meets all of the requirements as specified in FMVSS 222 and the current National School Transportation Specifications & Procedures.

  • N.

    The following information shall be provided with each vehicle equipped with a securement and restraint system:

    • 1.

      Phone numbers where information can be obtained about installation, repair, and parts. (Detailed written instructions and a parts list shall be available upon request.)

    • 2.

      Detailed instructions regarding use, including a diagram showing the proper placement of the wheelchair/mobility aids and positioning of securement devices and occupant restraints, including correct belt angles.

  • O.

    The system manufacturer shall make available training materials to ensure the proper use and maintenance of the wheelchair/mobility aid securement and occupant restraint system. These may include instructional videos, classroom curriculum, system test results, or other related materials.

Wheelchair/Mobility Aid Securement and Occupant Restraint System

  • A.

    Occupant restraint belt assemblies and anchorage shall also be certified to meet the requirements of FMVSS No.'s 209 and 210.

  • B.

    Each location for the securement of a wheelchair/mobility aid shall have a minimum of four anchorage points. A minimum of two anchorage points shall be located in front of the wheelchair/mobility aid and a minimum of two anchorage points shall be located in the rear. The securement anchorage shall be attached to the floor of the vehicle and shall not interfere with passenger movement or present any hazardous condition.

  • C.

    Each securement system location shall have a minimum clear floor area of thirty inches (30") by forty-eight inches (48"). Additional floor area may be required for some applications. Consultation between the user and the manufacturer is recommended to ensure adequate area is provided.

  • D.

    The securement system shall secure common wheelchair/mobility aids and shall be easily attached by a person having average dexterity and who is familiar with the system and wheelchair/ mobility aid. The wheelchair securement system including all hardware (attachment bolts, track, etc.) shall have been successfully

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