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      Parts books and/or software providing a complete listing of all parts and supplies to repair and maintain A/C systems specified in this bid contract shall be provided by the manufacturer. A minimum of 2 copies of the parts books (or if web based then 1 copy is acceptable) and/or software per complete unit shall be provided at the time of delivery. “Complete listing” is defined as all components represented in the complete installation of A/C system bid.

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      Service manuals providing recommended preventative maintenance, service intervals, and "trouble shooting" procedures for repair and maintenance shall be provided at the time of delivery. A minimum of 2 copies of the service manuals (or if web based then 1 copy is acceptable) and/or software per complete unit shall be provided at the time of delivery.

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      Vendor is responsible for registration of warranties for air conditioning system.

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      The vendor upon request must provide a copy of the performance test results for each series of bus purchased.

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Unless otherwise noted, all school buses ordered with air conditioning shall be furnished with the following:

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      Plywood (5/8”), or equivalent material, shall be installed over the existing or manufacturer's standard steel floor for insulation. When an equivalent material is used to replace plywood, it must provide equal or greater insulation R-value, sound abatement, deterioration-resistant and moisture- resistant properties of 5/8” plywood. Except type A where one-half inch (1/2") is acceptable.

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      Air-conditioned buses shall have the equivalent of one-and-one-half inches (1-1/2") of Fiberglass or other insulation in the ceilings and walls including the interior of hat-shaped bows. The insulation shall have a minimum R-factor value of 5.75.

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      The body must be equipped with insulation, including sidewalls, roof, firewall, rear, inside body bows, and floor insulation to aid in heat dissipation and reflection.

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      Plywood or equivalent insulating material shall be securely fastened to the metal floor structure. Insulating material thickness shall not vary or move in such a way as to distort the elastomer floor covering material making a higher edge on one side of the seam at the joint. NOTE: See Section F, Option 41 for marine grade plywood

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The side windows and windshield of air-conditioned buses shall be furnished as follows. All tinting materials used shall be in compliance with the Texas Department of Public Safety regulations. NOTE: Maximum tinting shall be furnished with air-conditioned buses. It is not necessary to order Option #77 in Section F. a. Side Windows, Passenger: All tinting shall conform to Texas

Administrative Code Title 37, Part 1, Chapter 23, Subchapter C, Rule

Section E-4

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