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      , Inspection Items, Procedures and Requirements. "Dark tinting" is not permitted on the windshield or any window used for driving purposes.

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    Windshield: The windshield shall have a horizontal gradient band (tinted) starting slightly above the driver's line of vision, with approximately ninety percent (90%) light transmittance and gradually decreasing to a minimum of seventy percent (70%) light transmittance at the top of the windshield, or the entire windshield shall be tinted to meet the requirements of FMVSS No. 205.

Beneficial Options: See Section F #76 for white roof

  • F.

    GENERAL PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: The method to determine a uniform guideline for air conditioning systems in school buses shall conform to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc., ASHRAE 41.4-1986. Air conditioning systems shall:

    • 1.

      Be furnished to meet the requirements of this specification and shall be the mechanical vapor compression refrigeration type.

    • 2.

      Have sufficient power for simultaneous cooling, circulating, and dehumidifying the air.

    • 3.

      Be provided with refrigerant that must be nontoxic, nonflammable, and non- explosive.

    • 4.

      Be manufactured to conform to the requirements of SAE J639

    • 5.

      Be of the current year's production.

    • 6.

      Details not specifically defined herein shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard commercial practice for products of this type.

    • 7.

      Have stand-alone grounding system for evaporator and condenser fan systems.

    • 8.

      Have all power and grounding come directly from the battery.

    • 9.

      All air conditioning systems will conform to this specification.

  • G.


All air conditioning controls shall be located within the drivers reach while seated and operating the vehicle. The controls shall be of the manufactures design with a minimum of three operating speeds, OFF is not considered an operating speed.

  • H.


    • 1.

      Installing Dealer: Installation of the air conditioning system(s) shall be by the bus body company or by an authorized manufacturer's air conditioning dealer who normally stocks, sells, installs, and services a unit of the type being furnished.

    • 2.

      Protection of Components: Any skirt-mounted air-conditioning component or component mounted underneath the bus shall be provided with shielding to protect these components from mud or road debris. NOTE: NO INSTALLATION OF ANY AIR CONDITIONING UNITS OR SYSTEMS SHALL, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, VOID THE CHASSIS MANUFACTURER'S ENGINE WARRANTY. Section E-5

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