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Options must be installed by the bus manufacturer or vendor prior to delivery of the bus. Not all options are available for all sizes and/or models of buses and are subject to change. Questions may be directed to vendors.

The addition of any OPTION (LISTED OR NOT LISTED) to the vehicle is permitted as long as the bus continues to meet the Texas School Bus Specifications, all Federal Requirements, National School Transportation Specifications & Procedures, and the following:

  • 1.

    The option is listed on the purchase order as a separate option.

  • 2.

    The successful bidder/vendor certifies that the options being offered will meet or exceed all requirements and conditions of the listed options at the manufacture, installation, and time of delivery.





Alternative fuel engines, O E M Supplied

The power units (engines) furnished for the respective size and style bus shall be operable on alternative fuels, as determined by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The power unit shall be the chassis manufacturer's standard or optional engine for the vehicle type, which meets or exceeds the power requirements specified herein, at the engine manufacturer's rated operating speed. The engine may be of a standard production design or retrofitted for alternative fuels only by the engine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or any duly certified and/or approved manufacturer designated by the OEM, and certified/ licensed by the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), as applicable. The engine shall be of such design and construction that it will give an even flow of power at all engine speeds without undue vibration, strain, or overheating of engine components. The fuel system shall meet all applicable FMVSS and The Railroad Commission of Texas certification and/or licensing requirements. These vehicles shall be fully operational at delivery to the district without any additional modification or adjustments. Alternatively fueled engines shall be OEM warranted for a period of not less than five (5) years/fifty-thousand (50,000) miles, and shall include all engine and emission parts and fuel system components. The engine manufacturer or approved designate, may upgrade engines in the field to improve durability, reliability, or emissions with the approval of the ordering agency. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): The engine shall be capable of operating on compressed natural gas, as defined herein, in a mono- or bi-fuel mode, as specified in the Invitation for Bid. The engine, fuel system, and all components shall meet all applicable FMVSS requirements. The fuel tank (s) shall be constructed of appropriate material for a fuel storage system for compressed

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